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    Animal Sleeping Habits Explored (Infographic)


    We all know that a good night’s sleep is important for human health, but can we say the same for animals?

    Let’s start off by looking at common household pets. Cats and dogs are among the heaviest sleepers in the animal kingdom. Cats have a reputation for sleeping all day, but this only half true, with the average cat spending up to 12.1 hours asleep. Dogs also enjoy a good snooze and can sleep on and off for up to 10.6 hours daily.

    Cats and dogs are hardly unique in their love of sleep, though. The animal kingdom is full of sleepyheads. Take, for example, the notoriously idle sloth, who remains in blissful slumber for just over 14 hours a day. However, the sloth does not take the crown for heaviest sleeper—this distinction belongs to the brown bat, who can snooze for almost 20 hours a day!

    Sleep is not to be confused with hibernation. Although it is often thought of as a weeks-long slumber, hibernation is actually an energy-saving state that allows certain animals to conserve more energy for staying warm and alive during cold winter months. During this period, animals’ metabolic rate and body temperature both drop, and brain activity is dramatically decreased. In fact, during hibernation, many animals can go for days, or even weeks, without waking to drink, eat or relieve themselves.

    If you would like to find out more about the wonderful world of animal sleeping habits, take a look at this informative infographic from the team at Greyhounds as Pets. This fascinating guide shines a light on some of the more unique animal sleeping patterns in nature. It offers an insight into hibernation and also asks whether or not animals dream in their sleep.

    Read the infographic below to learn more about animal sleeping habits.

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