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    Prevent Kidney Disease with Herbal Remedies


    You may wonder why a pet owner would consider buying herbal remedies in the first place. Often it is used as an alternative means of treatment, but did you know it can also be used for purely preventative measures? However, in canines, the kidneys are most likely to cause health problems as they age. Kidney disease in dogs is more common that you think; and no vet would argue that chronic kidney failure can sneak up gradually and is actually a leading cause of death in dogs.

    There are two common types of canine kidney disease:

    • Chronic renal (kidney) failure
    • Kidney stones

    Renal (kidney) failure, as its name implies, is when the kidney fails to filter impurities out of the blood and concentrate the urine. Acute kidney failure is often the result of ingesting toxins, and is sometimes reversible. Chronic kidney failure sneaks up more gradually, and is a leading cause of death in dogs.

    Treating kidney disease in canines

    If your dog is suffering from any form of kidney disease, you should see your vet to discuss conventional treatment options. These include intravenous fluid treatment, dialysis (artificial blood filtering), various drugs, and even kidney transplants.

    A low sodium diet is often recommended, as high blood pressure often accompanies kidney failure. A reduced protein diet is also often recommended.

    Kidney Support Gold

    Kidney Support Gold (2 oz.) (795+ Reviews) Kidney Support Gold is for long  term use when supporting normal renal function is imperative. This formula is  created by using current research of time-honored herbs used in traditional  Asian medicine for the kidneys and overall vitality. LEARN MORE

    Natural support for dog kidney disease:
    • Energy levels
    • Urination and thirst (hydration)
    • Appetite and weight
    • General vitality
    • Immune support
    • 90 Day money-back guarantee
    • 1 bottle is a 1 month supply for most dogs
    • Order Kidney Support Gold today and help your dog maintain a normal quality of life with healthier kidneys!

      Kidney Support Gold customer success story

    "Our Vet had diagnosed our Yorkie with kidney failure, we were giving her dialysis twice a week and said she would have to have it forever. I purchased Pet Wellbeing's "Kidney Support Gold" and within two weeks we had her retested and the vet said her values are great! No more dialysis. Just continue a renal diet food and the Kidney Support and bring her back for retest in 6 months. Thank you for saving Brandi's life!"

    - Susan Jones Davis

    More customer success stories are found on our product page!

    Meet Our Expert

    Dr. Janice Huntingford

    Pet Wellbeing's own Dr. Jan has been in veterinary practice for over 30 years. Since receiving her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, she's founded two veterinary clinics and lectured extensively on pet herbal therapy, nutraceuticals, acupuncture, rehabilitation and pain management.

    Dr. Jan has studied extensively in both conventional and holistic modalities, helping us to formulate all of our supplements. She is an essential part of Pet Wellbeing.

    And lucky for us, she's only one of the great team of people who make Pet Wellbeing so special.

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