How Will You Celebrate National Puppy & Cuddly Kitten Day?

How Will You Celebrate National Puppy & Cuddly Kitten Day?

March 23rd is National Puppy and Cuddly Kitten Day! These two holidays are worth celebrating because they’re all about your littlest four-legged friends. Pet parents should love their fur babies every single day, but this day gives you the perfect opportunity to shower your pets with even more love and attention.

Much like most holidays, National Puppy and Cuddly Kitten Day exist for a broader reason. Besides showering your pet with hugs and kisses, this day is dedicated to all those fur babies who’ve yet to find their forever homes. As you celebrate, remember to do something kind not just for your own pets, but for the ones who need help, too.

The history behind both holidays

National Puppy Day was created in honor of our cute little pooches. It’s a day when pet parents get to put their puppies first, lavishing them with treats, new toys and tons of cuddles. National Cuddly Kitten Day was founded for the same reason. Even if your cat isn’t very cuddly, the holiday gives owners an excuse to dote on their little fuzz balls.

Of course, to most pet parents, every day is National Puppy and Cuddly Kitten Day! These holidays serve a purpose beyond fawning over our fur babies, though. National Puppy Day brings awareness to puppy mills and the unspeakable living conditions for millions of young pups. The holiday is designed to educate people about the reality of pet breeders and encourage them to adopt from an animal shelter. Rescue organizations might celebrate National Puppy Day by hosting outreach programs or offering animals at a discounted rate.

National Cuddly Kitten Day also encourages prospective pet owners to adopt instead of shop. Millions of strays live on the streets without adequate food, shelter or medical care. Animal shelters can’t take them all, and many euthanize perfectly healthy cats to make more room. This holiday is your chance to help out kitties by donating, volunteering, spaying/neutering your cat or even adopting a new friend.

Ways to celebrate puppies everywhere


National Puppy Day is a great time to pamper your dog. The holiday also serves as a reminder that plenty of other pups need help, too. Here’s how you can do both:

  • Go on an adventure: This is the one day when pups deserve their owners’ undivided attention. Show your dog some love by taking them to a new play area. Perhaps there’s a beach, nature trail or dog park you’ve been meaning to check out. Dogs love outdoor adventures because they get to experience new sights, smells and people. A day full of activities is sure to leave your pup feeling tired but very happy!
  • Cuddle on the couch: After a long day of adventuring, dogs want nothing more than to nap next to their favorite humans. If you usually have a busy schedule, set aside some time to simply hang out with your pup. Give them cuddles, tummy rubs and maybe even a doggy massage. Dogs need constant love and validation from their owners, and this is the perfect day to give it!
  • Spread the word: Spending all that time with your adorable pup can motivate you to learn about those less fortunate. Learn about puppy mills and what you can do to stop animal cruelty. Inspire your fellow animal lovers by sharing articles and donation pages on social media. Your passion for helping puppies can create a ripple effect!

How to show your kitty some love


Cat lovers are well aware that kittens don’t always welcome physical affection. Luckily, there are other ways to express your love on National Cuddly Kitten Day. Here are just a few:

  • Give them treats and new toys: Cuddling might not be your cat’s favorite pastime. But no kitty can resist a bright, crinkly toy packed with catnip! There’s no better way to show Fluffy you care by presenting a toy that excites their hunting instincts. Once they’re all tuckered out, reward your cat with a valuable treat like chicken liver (in moderation, of course).
  • Donate time or money: Animal shelters can always use more hands on deck. Volunteering allows the cats in shelters to receive love and better quality care. The hours you put in give shelter staff more time to focus on finding homes for cats. You can also help out by donating to your local animal shelter. Donations are always appreciated and very much needed. They help shelters provide more food, medical treatments and warm places to sleep.

You don’t need a fur baby to celebrate National Puppy and Cuddly Kitten Day. Anyone can help pets across the country by donating, volunteering and spreading awareness. You could also team up with a friend and spend the day with their pets. Who knows—maybe these holidays will inspire you to adopt a new furry family member!