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Anemia Shares Common Signs of Illness: Here's What You Should Know

Diagnosing a dog when it gets sick is not easy. Unlike humans, who can describe their specific symptoms and where they may feel pain, dogs tend to display their signs of illness in many of the same

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Why Does My Cat Knead?

If you own a cat, you have more than likely gotten the joy of watching it tentatively walk onto a pile of blankets and softly press its paws on the surface. Or, your cat may have even come up and

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Why It's So Important to Keep Your Pup's Immune System in Good Shape

As humans, we do a lot of things to keep ourselves healthy. We visit the doctor regularly, eat balanced meals, take vitamins, sleep well and much more. But as dog owners, it’s our responsibility to

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If Your Cat Has a Leaky Eye, It May Have Suffered an Injury

Everyone—even cats—gets a little gunk in their eye now and then. The body has a way of flushing out foreign materials and dust that deposits a small amount of discharge in the corner of the eye.

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Uncovering the Cause Behind Your Dog's Vomiting

If your dog throws up, it can be unpleasant and concerning for everyone. You’ll need to clean up a mess, and your dog is likely feeling sick and possibly a little scared.

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Identifying Seizures in Cats and How to Act When One Occurs

Cats do a lot of weird things with their bodies. They twist and wriggle, they roll around on the floor, they twitch and shake. But how can you tell whether these things are normal and safe or

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Water Safety Tips for Your Pup

In the summer heat, our pups love to find the nearest body of water to dive into, splash around in and drink to keep them cool. While this is perfectly fine when you’ve set up a shallow kiddie pool

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Watch Your Low-Appetite Cat for Signs of Fatty Liver Disease

One of the warning signs cat owners are taught to look for in a sick cat is a lack of appetite.

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Don't Share Your Picnic: Summer Foods Your Pets Shouldn't Eat

In the heat of summer, it’s likely you’ll find yourself at picnics and parties surrounded by friends, family and, of course, your furry friends. Nothing says summer like a barbeque, but it’s

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What a Lump on Your Dog's Skin Can Mean

One day, you might be petting your beloved pup or brushing its hair when you notice a lump or bump on the skin that wasn’t there before. Finding bumps can alarming. They can be a sign of a health

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