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    How to Keep Your Recently Adopted Pet Healthy

    A lot more goes into owning a cat or dog than new pet parents realize. In addition to the basics like food, love and attention, a newly adopted pet needs preventative measures like spaying or neutering, vaccines, regular checkups, proper nutrition and more.

    7 Tips for Caring for a Pet After Surgery

    If your fur baby had a successful surgery, the scary part is over, and it’s time for them to come home. Now that surgery is out of the way, you and your pet can begin the road to recovery. However, you can’t go right back to normal. Post-surgical home care requires a lot of time and commitment for pet parents. Rest assured, your furry companion will return to their normal self soon!

    Cat Litter Box Training 101

    Newly adopted cats tend to leave unwanted gifts around the house. You could set up plenty of litter boxes, and yet your fur baby might refuse to use them. Too many owners assume that since cats instinctually bury their business, they’ll know to take their potty breaks inside litter boxes. This simply isn’t true—untrained cats might need your help!

    When is Dog Vomiting an Emergency?

    When dogs throw up, most pet owners assume it’s no big deal. After all, they just need to get whatever dirt or grass they ate out of their system—right? Not always.

    Should You Adopt a Kitten or an Older Cat?

    You’ve thought long and hard about it, and now you’re ready to adopt a cat! The big question is whether you’re ready to raise a newborn kitten or settle in with an older feline.

    The Link Between Antioxidants and Brain Health in Dogs

    Any pet parent can tell when a pup is approaching their senior years. They look a bit gray in the snout, and long hikes through the woods become increasingly difficult. But these aren’t the only signs of old age. Senior dogs might begin to act peculiar, often staring at blank walls or howling at odd hours of the night. In some cases, this could signal the onset of cognitive dysfunction syndrome.

    When Would a Cat Need Urethra Surgery?

    Pet parents often want to avoid putting their furry friends through surgery as long as possible. However, in some cases, the threat to the pet’s life is so severe that surgery is unavoidable. This is often the case with male cats requiring a perineal urethrostomy surgery.

    4 Common Kennel Illnesses in Cats

    Cats are susceptible to a variety of viral infections, ranging from mild colds to serious cases that require hospitalization. Such viruses often crop up in shelters, kennels and boarding facilities, where many pets are kept in close quarters.

    How to Introduce Your Children to Your New Dog

    Dogs can bring immeasurable joy into a child’s life. They help children develop social skills and responsibility and give them a lifelong companion—not to mention pups make wonderful cuddle buddies! However, kids must remember that earning a dog’s trust and affection takes time and patience. When they learn the right way to interact with a new dog, all their diligence and hard work will be worth it in the end.

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