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    Finding Relief for Kiya the Pug's Unexpected Cushing's Disease

    Kiya is not your ordinary pug. In all her 11 years she has lived life on her own terms, and just when you think you have her figured out, she will keep you guessing. When some unexpected side effects of medication for a completely unrelated diagnosis lead to Cushing’s Disease, her situation went from rough to worse. Fortunately, her parents took the advice of a friend  on an herbal remedy and made life just a little smoother. Sometimes it’s not easy being an unpredictable pug!

    5 Ways to Safely Celebrate Your Pet's Birthday

    Our pets are extensions of our families. So, when it’s their birthday, it’s only natural to want to celebrate! Although dogs and cats probably don’t understand what a birthday is, they’re sure to enjoy being showered with extra love and attention.

    May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month


    There are few things sadder for our pets than a diagnosis of cancer. Our pets are susceptible to many of the same forms of cancer as we are as humans, and 12 million cats and dogs are diagnosed with a form of cancer every year. Unfortunately, many of these diagnoses come as a complete surprise to pet owners who didn’t know about the dangers and signs of canine or feline cancer.

    5 Natural Ways to Bolster Your Cat's Immunity


    To take care of your health, you probably do lots of things, from eating well to sleeping enough each night to exercising a few times a week. All of these things work to strengthen your immune system, which fights off pathogens that threaten your health. But what do you do to ensure your cat’s immune system is strengthened in the same way?

    What is Osteosarcoma? How Can it Make Life Extra Hard for Your Pup?

    Of all the potential types of cancer your dog could succumb to, osteosarcoma might be one of the most painful and aggressive. This fast-spreading cancer is known to disrupt the life your dog knows and loves in many ways.

    7 Reasons Why Your Cats Eyes Are Leaking

    Everyone wakes up with a little eye crust now and then, and so do our cats! This bodily mechanism is used to clear away dust and debris to protect the eyes. But when your cat seems plagued by persistent eye gunk, watery eyes or a strange-colored eye discharge, something might be going on with their health.

    This Dangerous Health Problem Happens to Dogs on a Fatty Diet

    You’re cooking a big meal for your family filled with indulgent foods like a roasted turkey, buttered biscuits and decadent gravy. Your furry friend is underfoot in the kitchen, giving you their best puppy-dog eyes while they beg, and you cave. Giving your dog a healthy chunk of meat and flavorful skin can’t hurt, right?

    The Dos and Don'ts of Insect Repellent for Pets

    If you’re planning on making the most of the spring and summer seasons, you’re likely to be outdoors more often than not. While you’re out there, you’ll have to contend with nature’s most abhorrent pest: mosquitoes. These literal bloodsuckers are more than just annoying—they can also be deadly, depending on the diseases they’re carrying. Needless to say, it’s important to protect yourself and your pet from them.

    Are You Prepared for Your Cat's Springtime Shedding?

    There are many telltale signs that spring has finally sprung. The first robin sighting of the year, the first tulip to bloom…cat hair covering everything you own. That’s right—when your cat starts parting ways with their undercoat, you can expect it’s soon to get warmer. Most cat owners don’t even bother with a groundhog—they just wait for their cat to start dropping fur!

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