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    5 Things to Keep in Mind When Adopting a Rescue Pet


    When Can Sweet Snacks Be Poisonous to Your Dog?

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    5 Signs and Symptoms of Fatty Liver Disease in Cats

    A cat owner might notice one day that their furry friend is looking a bit trimmer than usual. Upon inspecting the food bowl, they’ll discover it’s been practically untouched. If you’ve noticed similar behaviors, your cat might not be just a picky eater. Anorexia and weight loss are actually some of the many symptoms associated with the all-too-common condition called fatty liver disease.

    4 Grooming Tips for Long-Haired Cats

    Felines with long, silky fur can be a challenge. Their coats require more work to maintain and can easily turn into an unruly mess. However, while long-haired cats require lots of time and effort, the steps for maintaining their luscious locks are actually quite simple.

    The Top 7 Health Issues that Rescue Cats Experience

    The decision to bring home a rescue cat is a big one—for both you and the cat. The cat is likely coming from a place of hardship and neglect and will need to acclimate to a new life by shedding some instinctual habits, fears and reactions. You, on the other hand, will need to create an environment that makes this possible. That means taking extra steps to provide support, routine and, above all, love to your rescue cat.

    The Ultimate Guide to Flying with a Dog

    Most dog lovers can’t wait for the opportunity to bring their precious pups on vacation. It might be a joy for you to bring your pet along, but for them, it might be a stressful situation!

    5 Signs Your Cat is Under-Stimulated

    Perhaps the greatest joy of being a cat is getting to lounge around all day. The midday snoozes we look forward to aren’t called “cat naps” for nothing! But while it’s normal for your feline to rest, pet parents often wonder if they really need all that sleep or if they’re simply bored.

    Why Rescuing a Dog is the Best Way to Adopt

    Adopting a pet is a great way to give an animal a loving forever home. But what many people don’t realize is that there’s a difference between adopting a dog and rescuing a dog. Just because you bring a dog home from a shelter doesn’t mean that pup is a rescue. A rescue is a dog that comes from neglectful conditions and a hard life.

    Why It's Important to Protect Your Pet's Skin from Summer Sun

    Imagine what you’d pack for a day at the beach—sunscreen, refreshing beverages, protective clothing and an umbrella to create a shady spot. Your furry companions need all that gear, too!

    Why is a Working Dog a Happy Dog?

    Every dog needs some kind of work. Of course, expecting Fido to pull survivors from a burning building might be a bit too ambitious! Rest assured, there are plenty of tasks that need doing around the house, and your pet is the perfect pooch for the job.

    How Does a Pet Rescue Agency Work?

    If you’ve ever adopted an animal that was a victim of neglect or mistreatment, there’s a good chance a pet rescue agency was responsible for helping them find their way into your loving home. There are thousands of these groups around the world, each fighting to give pets a better life.

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