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    7 Ways to Make Your Dog's Kidneys Stronger

    It’s easy to forget about something you can’t see. Kidney health often escapes even the most devoted pet owners because they don’t think to address a problem until it becomes obvious.

    Pet Wellbeing Rescues the Rescues Update: The Milo Foundation

    Heading back to the great state of California, Pet Wellbeing connected with The Milo Foundation to support them with a supplement donation as they rehabilitate dogs and cats and offer sanctuary to those that are not adoptable.

    Charitable Season is Coming: Animal Rescues Deserve Your Donation

    The winter holidays are almost here. Now is the time to visit loved ones and focus on what’s most important. As we open our hearts to those around us, many are opening their wallets, too. Money is limited, and there are so many deserving charities to choose from! People look for organizations they’re passionate about and that will make the most of their donations.

    Liver Problems Could be Responsible for Your Cat's Delicate Tummy

    When kitties make a mess on the carpet, owners don’t usually read too much into it. They assume the cat’s upset stomach was due to a hairball or simply a fluke. But then their precious kitty starts puking more, and the owner is constantly finding runny poops in the litter box. Eventually, the cat stops eating altogether. What gives?

    Hypothyroidism Could be Packing the Pounds on Your Senior Dog

    Weight gain isn’t something pet parents notice right away. One day, you might look at your dog from a certain angle and realize they’re looking a bit chubby. Owners are quick to dismiss the chubbiness as a result of too many treats and not enough play time. While this is true for some dogs, other dogs could be struggling with their weight due to a condition called hypothyroidism.

    Pet Wellbeing Rescues the Rescues Update: Soi Dog Foundation

    We had the pleasure to donate to Soi Dog Foundation, a truly incredible organization saving street dogs (and cats!) in Phuket, Thailand. They have single handedly controlled the street animal population, rescued and rehabilitated countless cats and dogs, found homes through their adoption program or their own sanctuary, and advocated for animal rights across Asia.

    4 Common Triggers for Rescue Pets and How to be Mindful of Them

    Rescue pets tend to be a lot more sensitive to their environment than shelter or store-bought animals. Something as mundane as a ringing doorbell can send your furry friend into a frenzy that’s deeply rooted in abuse and neglect. Pet parents can never fully understand what an animal has been through. All that matters moving forward is learning to recognize their triggers and responding in the most effective ways.

    What Can I Do About My Pet's ‘Reverse Sneeze’?

    Dog owners—and even some cat owners—have witnessed the moment when silence is suddenly punctuated by a violent snorting noise. The episode would cause alarm for any pet parent, but it ends as quickly as it begins. After a few seconds, your furry friend seems back to normal!

    How Diarrhea Can Impact Your Dog’s Anal Glands

    Diarrhea is inevitable in the life of a dog. They’re constantly trying to eat things they shouldn’t, which usually ends with a tummy ache and a mess pet parents get to clean up! Some unlucky pups deal with diarrhea on a regular basis. Chronic diarrhea doesn’t merely indicate digestive problems, though—it could spell trouble for a dog’s anal glands, too.

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