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    3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Holistic Care for Your Pet

    Pet care is complex. Every pet will have their own unique health and wellness needs, and what might work for one pet might not work for another. Whether you’re in search of a treatment to cure your furry friend’s health ailment or simply want to improve your pet’s health overall, it’s worth looking into holistic care.

    6 First Aid Items Every Pet Parent Should Own

    If you have a rambunctious pet, you’re used to cuts, scrapes, nicks, scratches and other small wounds appearing as if by magic. Still, it’s hard not to fret over each new cut. It’s important not to panic and, instead, treat the injury as best you can. No matter how big or small the wound, proper care is essential.

    This Is How Chronic Pain Can Impact Your Pup

    It’s terrible watching your pet suffer, especially when you’re not sure how they’re in pain. They can’t speak, which means they can’t tell you exactly what’s wrong. Instead, their behavior changes. A dog suffering from chronic pain may exhibit increased aggression, anxiety and lethargy. Or, in other cases, your dog may not show any signs that they’re in pain at all. This is why observation is so important. When something seems off, it’s likely because it is.

    4 Tips to Help Prevent Pet Diabetes

    Diabetes can affect both cats and dogs of any age. The condition occurs due to low or ineffective insulin levels in your pet’s body, which prevents your pet from properly processing glucose and turning it into energy. Worsening diabetes can lead to life-threatening conditions such as kidney failure, seizures and even death. Fortunately, this condition can be avoided!

    Can Food Improve Your Dog's Cognitive Health?

    In their puppy years, dogs need plenty of stimulation and attention. As they age, it’s even more important to maintain your dog’s cognitive health. Like humans, dogs can experience cognitive decline in their later years, and you might notice they’re more lethargic and less prone to excitement. While all dogs tend to slow down a bit in their senior years, there are ways to prevent cognitive issues—like cognitive dysfunction syndrome—from affecting them. One of the main ones is through their diet.

    How to Care for Your Cat's Teeth Without Brushing

    Keeping your cat’s teeth and gums healthy is important no matter how old they are. Unfortunately, our feline friends aren’t fond of having a toothbrush and gel used in their mouths. If your kitty refuses to let you brush their teeth, all hope isn’t lost for their oral health! There are a few other methods you can use to protect their teeth.

    Watch Out for These 4 Common Puppy Ailments

    It’s never fun when you notice your puppy is feeling under the weather. Young puppies are particularly susceptible to illness because their immune systems are not fully developed.

    5 Common Cat Tail Injuries and How to Spot Them

    Cats are inquisitive creatures. Unfortunately, their curiosity sometimes gets them into situations where they end up injured. Cat tail injuries, in particular, are quite common among the feline community.

    How to Choose the Best Pet for Your Family

    Pets bring a new energy and brightness to your home that can’t be matched. If you’ve decided to add a new friend to your household, you might be eager to pick one out immediately! However, you’ll want to take several considerations into account before you do.

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