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    What Every Pet Owner Should Know About Rabies

    Most pet owners know their pets have to get vaccinated against rabies. But aside from preventing a contagious disease, few pet parents understand why a rabies vaccine is critical for their dog or cat. Our furry companions aren’t the only ones at risk for contracting rabies. They can pass it on to humans, and the cases almost always end in death.

    8 Signs of Cognitive Decline in Your Senior Dog

    Senior dogs aren’t as spry as they used to be. They have less energy, and their achy joints make certain activities more challenging. While it’s disheartening to see your pup slow down, changes to their health are all part of the natural aging process.

    7 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat

    Cat lovers who want a new furry family member often turn to kittens for companionship. It’s hard to resist kittens, with their tiny paws and fuzzy bodies that fit in the palm of your hand. Kittens deserve a loving home, but so do the senior cats that often get overlooked.

    Why Omega 3s are So Important for Puppies & Kittens

    Pets need different diets for different stages of life. Pet parents who have just adopted a puppy or kitten have to pay extra close attention to what’s going in their food bowl. Food lays the groundwork for a young pet’s health—not just for the first few months, but for the rest of their lives.

    Tips for Living With a Hearing-Impaired Pet

    Partial or total hearing loss is an invisible disability that’s hard to detect in pets. Upon closer inspection, some owners might notice their pet doesn’t react to the doorbell or verbal commands. When you approach the pet from behind, they might startle at your touch. These are all signs a pet has developed hearing loss to some degree.

    Herbs, Raw Meat, Egg Shells, Duck Heads! What's In Your Dog's Bowl?

    Most dogs go their whole lives eating nothing but kibble, treats and the occasional table scrap. But some pet parents like to mix things up in an effort to add some variety to their furry friend’s diet. This can lead pet parents to give their pups a taste of less-conventional foods like herbs, egg shells and even duck heads.

    Navigating Protein Allergies in Pets

    Pet parents can tell something’s wrong when they hear the incessant jingling of a collar. Their furry companion won’t stop scratching, but they have no idea why. Itchy skin is often accompanied by vomiting, leaky eyes and infections—symptoms that point to any number of health problems.

    Probiotics Aren't Just for Dogs & Cats with Gut Problems

    Probiotics are quickly becoming a staple supplement for humans, but did you know probiotics might be beneficial for pets, too? These powerful bacteria are commonly used to treat bowel problems in dogs and cats, but they also have many more benefits to help your pet live a happy, healthy life.

    All-Natural Pain Management Methods for Dogs

    No pet parent wants to see their dog in pain. From minor cuts to lifelong diseases, every pup experiences their fair share of physical discomfort. As a loving pet parent, you’ll do whatever it takes to alleviate some of their pain. Unfortunately, conventional pain medication comes with a long list of side effects that might give your dog even more health problems.

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