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    8 Fun Summer Activities to Do with Your Pets

    At the peak of the summer season, you and your family might be itching to get out and have fun but aren’t sure what to do. The weather’s nice, the kids are off of school, and you’re eager for excitement…but what can you do to get the whole family involved, including your furry friends?

    8 Easy Ways to Help Cats Age Comfortably and Happily

    As cats age, their bodies endure many changes. They start to slow down, sleep more and might experience more stiffness or pain than they used to. Older cats are also more likely to experience age-related declines in vision and hearing, and their brains might not be as quick as before. Experiencing these changes can be difficult for some cats, and they often need a little assistance from their pet parents to age gracefully and comfortably.

    Sasha Returns to Her Old Self with Adrenal Harmony Gold

    Sasha is a Maltese/Shih Tzu cross who is full of energy and has a serious mind of her own. She loves going for her daily walks with her dad Kerry, chasing her fellow pup pal Abby, and sourcing out treats wherever she goes. When she started to wind down, lose her hair, and get very, very hungry, her parents knew something was up. Skeptics by nature, they took a leap of faith and tried out an herbal solution. They would be extremely thankful that they did!

    5 Ways to Keep Scared Pets Calm During a Storm

    Although summer is often celebrated for its long, sunny days and beautiful weather, it’s also a season characterized by thunderstorms. You might find it calming to observe lightning strikes and rolling booms of thunder from inside your home, but your furry friends are more likely to feel the exact opposite!

    How to Help Your Dog Cope with Hearing Loss

    Dogs rely on their sense of hearing every day. They listen to verbal commands, return to their owners after being called and perk up at the sound of another dog, the jingling of keys or the doorbell ringing. But if your dog experiences hearing loss, their auditory-centric lifestyle will drastically change.

    This Urinary Condition Can Be Deadly for Male Cats

    Thanks to scooping and cleaning, cat owners are likely to be more familiar with their pet’s litter boxes than they’d like to be. But in some cases, this close attention to your kitty’s bathroom habits can be a good thing! Paying attention to your cat’s litter box can help you uncover problems with their health. One such problem might be a urinary blockage—a painful and potentially life-threatening condition common in male cats.

    5 Insects That Are Harmful to Pets

    Summer is here, and pet owners everywhere are itching to spend some time outdoors in the nice, sunny weather. Unfortunately, summer also means more insects will be out and might leave you and your pets “itching” in another way! Creepy crawlers are more than just a nuisance—they can actually be dangerous to our furry friends.

    5 Things That Can Make Your Cat More Susceptible to Cancer

    Cancer is one disease that’s not very well understood—both in humans and in our pets. Although experts have successfully identified many aspects of cancer, such as its different forms, its symptoms and the treatments that may prolong your furry friend’s life, there are many questions about cancer that remain unanswered. One of these questions is, “What causes cancer in cats?”

    How Unchecked Infections Can Lead to Pneumonia in Your Pup

    Pneumonia is a scary condition for our furry friends to experience. Your normally energetic pup might find themselves unable to breathe easily without wheezing or coughing. But beyond discomfort, pneumonia can be life threatening in dogs if it’s untreated for too long.

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