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    The Connection Between Lymphoma and Your Cat's GI Problems

    Cats inevitably leave unpleasant messes for their owners to clean up. But if discovering cat puke or diarrhea has become part of your daily routine, something isn’t right. More often than not, cat owners try to remedy GI problems without stopping to think whether an upset stomach could be a symptom of a more serious underlying issue.

    Add Core Immune Care for Your Pet's Daily Antioxidant Support

    Our antioxidant formula is for pets of all ages, supporting the body's immune system to deal with normal, cellular repair that needs to happen every day for a healthy, energetic life. This is a well-balanced antioxidant formula that can be given to your pet every day, sprinkled on his or her food.

    Can Antioxidants Protect Pets Against Cancer?

    You’ve probably heard that antioxidants are part of a healthy, balanced diet. Humans aren’t the only ones who need antioxidants, though—our furry companions benefit from their healing powers, too.

    How Integrative Medicine Can Support Pet Allergies

    Many pet owners know what it’s like to watch their furry friends suffer through allergy season. Prescription drugs come with a slew of side effects, but natural alternatives might not be enough on their own. A combined approach—also known as integrative medicine—may be what your pet needs to curb their discomfort.

    6 Natural Ways to Protect Your Cat's Kidneys

    Kidney health sometimes comes as an afterthought to cat parents. Only when something goes wrong do owners tend to take notice. However, by the time your vet detects a problem with your cat’s kidneys, damage has already begun. Your kitty’s best defense against chronic kidney disease is prevention with help of a couple of natural remedies.

    How to Care for a Cat with a Cut or Wound

    Feline first aid is a lot like treating minor wounds on a person—staunch the bleeding, clean the wound and put on a bandage until it’s fully healed. But just like with human ailments, it’s important for cat owners to recognize when they have a situation under control and when they’re in way over their heads.

    What Causes Urinary Incontinence in Cats?

    Urinary incontinence affects many cats as they get older, and the symptoms are hard for owners to ignore. All of the sudden, your cat might decide they’d rather do their business on your freshly cleaned floors than in the litter box. However, you shouldn’t dismiss this as a behavioral problem. Instead, this should serve as a warning to cat owners that urinary incontinence could be to blame.

    4 Signs of End-Stage Kidney Failure in Cats

    Old age brings with it a greater chance of developing health problems. One of the most common diseases among senior cats is chronic kidney disease. Unfortunately, kidney disease does not have a cure, and your cat may ultimately face end-stage kidney failure.

    How Integrative Medicine Can Support Pet Diabetes

    Diabetes is a disease that affects not only humans but also our furry companions. To keep pets’ blood sugar stable, vets usually prescribe insulin injections. However, many owners are left wanting to do more for their diabetic pets. That’s why more pet owners and holistic vets are turning to integrative medicine.

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