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    7 Signs Your Cat Can't Breathe Properly

    A great number of things can make it hard for your cat to breathe. From everyday troubles like allergies and asthma to illnesses like pneumonia to serious conditions like tumors or fluid buildup, respiratory problems can affect your feline friend’s comfort and health. To get them the care they need, pet owners need to be mindful of the symptoms that respiratory distress create.

    Pet Sitter or Kennel Boarding: Which is Right for Your Pet?

    If you’re planning to travel for work or pleasure and can’t take your pet with you, you’ll need to leave them in capable hands. For some families, this means calling a family friend to pet sit your furry friend at home. For others, it might be a trip to the local boarding facility.

    Understanding Your Dog's Four Major Life Stages


    From a puppy to a senior, your dog will experience a lot of changes, both physically and mentally, throughout their life. Pet owners should not only be aware of these changes, but they should also know how to best care for their pups at each stage of their lives, so they get the nutrition, exercise and stimulation they need.

    7 Things You Should Do for Your Pet Every Single Day

    Most pets are big fans of routine. They like being fed, walked and played with at the same time each day, and deviations from their routine might cause them stress. Thus, maintaining these routines can be good for their health!

    Goliath Saved His Skin with Some Special Senior Support

    Goliath moves like a wild cat. Before he slowed down with age, he needed to be outside to be truly happy. He loves to run, climb, and even sleep in trees like his bigger cousins in the wild! Early in the year, Goliath was diagnosed with the strange sounding "long-term anemia" and slowly developed a habit of incessant scratching. Nobody quite understood the connection but the scratching started to deteriorate into painful wounds. What’s a cat dad to do?

    What You Should Know About Feline Injection Site Sarcoma


    Over the course of their lives, most cats are given a number of important injections. Vaccines are some of the most common, but our furry friends might also be injected with antibiotics, steroids and microchips—all of which have potentially life-saving benefits. Unfortunately, in rare cases, these injections may lead to a serious health problem: cancer.

    Freshening Up Around Pets? Be Mindful of These Scented Dangers

    If your home has a lingering odor, you might be tempted to reach for a can of air freshener or light a candle. However, if you have pets at home, you might want to pause before spraying, lighting or diffusing your favorite scents. Many scented products can actually cause problems for your pet’s health!

    September is Animal Pain Awareness Month

    Whether from an acute injury or a chronic condition like arthritis, pets experience pain in the same way humans do. What’s worse is that, unlike humans, pets don’t have the agency to seek relief from their pain and might suffer for longer as a result.

    Do Senior Cats Have Different Nutritional Needs?

    At the pet store, you may have noticed the range of cat food options, each targeting a specific ailment or stage of your cat’s life. There’s kitten food, which is nutrient-rich to help kitties grow healthy and strong. There’s adult food, which offers a balanced mix of nutrients. There’s even specialized food for cats with food intolerances, allergies, hairballs and urinary tract issues. And then there’s senior cat food—but what does that do?

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