6 Signs Your Cat Has a Thyroid Problem


    Learn the Differences Between Acute & Chronic Kidney Failure in Dogs


    4 Common Types of Cat Cancer

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    Why Your Dog Insists on Ripping the Stuffing Out of Everything!

    Almost every pet owner has returned from the pet store with a new stuffed animal for their pup, only to find that same toy completely destroyed not even a day later. Some dogs take this obsession with stuffing to the next level, de-fluffing almost anything soft and squishy: their bed, pillows, couch cushions and more.

    What to Do When Your Cats Just Won't Get Along

    You adopted two cats, thinking that they’d make nice companions for each other when you’re sleeping or not at home. Perhaps you had one cat for a while before adopting the other, or you adopted two at the same time. But now that they share the same space, your beloved kitties are at each other’s throats!

    This is Why Detecting Your Pet's Illness Can Be Difficult

    If you were to ask the average pet owner how they would know if their furry friend was feeling sick or in pain, they might not be able to tell you. Some pet owners might provide more obvious answers, like seeing a change in their stool or noticing their pet is limping, but if not for those signs, they might not be able to tell. It’s no wonder that so many pet illnesses fly under the radar until an annual exam or a significant disease progresses with more easily identified symptoms.

    Protect Your Pup from Pest Control Chemicals This Spring

    Melting snow, longer days and rising temperatures indicate that spring is finally here. Many pet owners and their furry friends have been longing to take advantage of the nicer weather and head outside for long walks and play sessions in the park. However, spring is also a common time for yard work and landscaping on both public and private property…and that means pesticides, herbicides and other lawn chemicals—many of which are toxic to animals. This can be a dangerous time for dogs!

    Can Pets Catch the New Coronavirus?

    The news and social media are filled with updates surrounding the new novel coronavirus that began its spread late last year, also known as COVID-19. One of the biggest points of concern for families with pets stems from the knowledge that the virus strain was likely transmitted from animals in a livestock market in China. Since it’s believed that people caught COVID-19 from animals to begin with, it’s natural to wonder whether or not other animals like our family pets can transmit it, as well.

    Understand Your Cat's Tail Language to Read Their Mood

    It may seem like your cat’s tail has a mind of its own, swishing and flicking at seemingly random points—even when your kitty is sleeping! But your cat’s tail is very much in tune with what they are thinking and feeling. In fact, it can be a great indicator for your cat’s mood!

    How Are Mast Cell Tumors Different from Other Dog Cancers?

    There are many forms of dog cancer, each affecting a particular part of the body, causing different symptoms and requiring a specific form of treatment. One such form of canine cancer is mast cell tumors. Although it is the most common form of skin cancer in dogs, it is one of the least understood by the public because of its variability.

    5 of the Biggest Risks to Your Senior Cat's Health

    As much as we’d love for our furry friends to stay sprightly and healthy forever, the reality is that cats become more susceptible to health problems as they age. There are many reasons for these complications—general wear and tear on the body, exposure to toxins and a buildup of waste products are among the most common.

    Do Dogs Experience Menopause?

    If you have a female dog who isn’t spayed, you’re probably familiar with the fact that she goes through a reproductive cycle, which dictates her fertility and her ability to produce puppies. This cycle is somewhat similar to a woman’s, although there are some notable differences.

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