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    Beds, Crates and Blankets: Where Should You Train Your Pup to Sleep?

    An important part of every dog’s training is for them to understand where they’re allowed to sleep. Owners have a few options to consider including dog beds, crates, blankets, furniture or even your own bed! Whichever you choose will depend on a couple of factors like the dog’s age and how well they’re trained.

    Oral Health Problems Might Lead to This Throat Issue in Dogs

    One untreated health problem often leads into the next, both in humans and in pets. When dogs begin to develop symptoms of a certain disease, their owners might be surprised to learn the real issue isn’t what they expected at all. One common example is the link between periodontal disease and tonsillitis.

    How to Spot & Treat Poison Ivy's Itchy Effects

    Warm weather is right around the corner, and that means it’s time for a hike along your favorite nature trail with your pup. Everything has started to bloom, including the bane of every dog’s existence: poison ivy.

    This is How Dogs Get Kidney Stones (and What You Can Do About It)

    Humans aren’t the only ones who get kidney stones. Dogs can suffer from them, too! But what’s worse than dog owners going through it themselves is watching their beloved pups endure the pain.

    Top Tips for Treating Kitty Colds at Home


    One day, you might wake up to find that your cat is acting a little under the weather. Leaky eyes, sneezing, runny nose, lethargy—these are all the symptoms of a kitty cold. When your kitty falls ill, you’ll want to do something about it!

    Why Training for Recall is So Important for Pups with High Prey Drives

    Most dog owners have been there—your dog catches a whiff of some nearby rabbit, and all of a sudden, they go berserk. It seems like all your efforts to subdue their hunting instincts are futile. This type of high prey drive is normal in many dog breeds and is perfectly manageable with the right training techniques. But first, dog owners have to understand what a high prey drive is and why they need to keep it under control.

    6 Natural Tips to Protect Your Pet's Liver


    Pet owners tend to focus on ailments they can see. It’s easy to know when a cat or dog has a scratch, limp or wound. Unseen things like liver health deserve the same amount of attention, but they often go neglected until serious internal damage makes itself known.

    Is It Smart to Adopt a Kitten to Accompany Your Senior Cat?

    If your resident cat is getting up there in years, you might be wondering whether it’s a good idea to adopt a kitten to keep them company in their old age. Can it be done? Absolutely. But should you? This answer is less clear-cut.

    8 Feeding Tips to Establish a Healthy Dog Diet

    A dog’s stomach is a seemingly bottomless pit always searching for more food. Owners have learned the hard way to not leave their dinner plates unattended or forget to reseal the kibble bag. If dogs had it their way, they’d eat whatever and however much they want!

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