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    The Importance of Managing Pet Diabetes Through Diet

    If your pet has been diagnosed with diabetes, you know that you’ll be helping them manage their disease for the rest of their life. Diabetes can have some debilitating effects; however, many pets go on to live long and happy lives when their symptoms are managed properly.

    How Long Does a Cat Stay in Heat?


    Cats have drastically different reproductive cycles than humans do. If you’re not up to speed, you might find yourself faced with confusion or frustration over your cat’s sudden behavioral changes and seemingly never-ending heat cycles.

    Bacterial Infections in Dogs: Understanding MRSA and MRSP

    Just like humans, dogs are susceptible to infections caused by harmful bacteria. Millions of bacteria exist in and on your dog’s body, but an overgrowth of one type in particular could lead to health problems. In many cases, these infections can be treated easily with a combination of your pet’s immune system and an antibiotic medication—but not always.

    Pay Attention to Your Cat’s Sixth Sense Intuition!

    Like dogs, cats have very powerful senses that allow them to pick up on things humans can’t. Specifically, a cat’s sense of smell and hearing is much more finely tuned than ours, and their night vision and ultra-sensitive sense of touch keep them much more alert throughout the day. But in addition to the basics senses we share, some pet owners believe that their cats have a sixth sense capable of tuning into unspoken emotions, unseen danger or future events.

    New Study Shows that Dogs Do Understand “I Love You”

    We pet owners love our furry friends very much—and we tell them so every single day (often way more than once!). But since dogs don’t speak the same language we do, it’s always been questioned whether dogs really understand what we mean when we express our love.

    Spot the Signs of Muscle Strain in Your Energetic Dog

    Some days, it’s hard to tell where your dog gets all of their energy. It sometimes seems like they can run, jump and roll around for hours without stopping. Unfortunately, even the most energetic dogs can overdo it. One wrong twist or landing could result in a painful injury.

    Is There Any Way to Prevent Your Cat from Getting Hairballs?

    If your cat suddenly starts coughing and hacking away, you know what comes next: a gross pile of fur on your carpet. Hairballs are normal every once in a while and usually mean that your cat is taking care of their fur. Still, pet owners don’t enjoy seeing their kitties try to cough them up, nor do they enjoy the mess they make afterwards.

    Why Routine is One of the Best Ways to Care for Your Pet

    Most people follow routines in their daily life, whether in the morning, at night or during the workday. These routines provide stability day after day, week after week. In the same way humans like to follow routines, our furry friends do, too!

    Here's Exactly Why Your Pets Shouldn’t Interact with Strays

    No matter where you live, you’ve probably seen a stray animal or two wandering around your neighborhood. Whether they’re truly homeless or in between caretakers, these cats and dogs call the outdoors home. And, if you’re like most compassionate animal lovers, the temptation to care for strays can be difficult to fight.

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