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    This Is Why You Should Be Careful When Selecting Shampoo for Your Pet

    Even if you take your pet to the groomers for a scrub and a trim, pet shampoo is always a good thing to have on hand. When your dog inevitably returns to the house covered in mud or your cat gets into something in the kitchen, you’ll want to put them in the tub to get them squeaky clean. However, not all pet shampoos are good for your pets—or for all pets.

    Are Food Allergies Behind Your Cat's Stinky Gas?

    It may stink, but it’s true: Everyone farts, even our cats. While dogs are better known for loud and smelly flatulence, your cat might actually be the culprit behind that suspicious odor that permeates a room, and that’s totally normal! Unfortunately, if your cat seems to be passing gas frequently, they might be experiencing a problem you’ll want to fix.

    Moving House? Tips to Help Your Cat Adjust to a New Home

    Cats are creatures of habit. Over time, they get used to your home, right down to the way the furniture smells and where it’s placed in a room. Thus, even slight changes to their environment are typically noticed—and they’re not always appreciated. Big changes, like moving to a new house, can be even worse.

    How to Choose the Best Dog Leash

    Aside from food, few things are as important to buy for your dog as a leash. You’ll need to use a dog leash almost every day, whether you’re taking your pup for a walk around the neighborhood, running some errands around town or heading on a far-off adventure. Because your dog’s leash will require a lot of use, it’s important to choose the right one.

    What Exactly Is FIV and Why Is It So Dangerous for Cats?

    There are a few diseases that every cat owner has heard of and has been warned against at veterinary appointments. Most of these have vaccines to protect kitties—feline herpesvirus and rabies to name a few. But one severe virus, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), does not have a vaccine and has the potential to cause lasting damage in unprotected cats.

    Do Dental Treats Actually Work for Dogs?

    Pet oral hygiene is just as important for pets as it is for people. Like humans, dogs are susceptible to plaque buildup and tooth decay if their teeth aren’t taken care of throughout their lives. Unfortunately, brushing a dog’s teeth isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds.

    6 Tips to Effectively Manage Your Diabetic Cat's Blood Sugar

    Whether your cat has type I or type II diabetes, managing their blood sugar will be a crucial part of at-home care to keep them healthy. Because your pet’s body has a difficult time regulating blood glucose due to insufficient or inefficient insulin, their blood sugar could reach dangerous levels.

    6 Mistakes to Avoid as a New Pet Parent

    Getting a new pet is extremely exciting, especially if this is the first pet that you’ll call your own. Unfortunately, raising a pet can be challenging at times, and many new pet owners make mistakes they might regret later.

    Do This Immediately if Your Pup Suffers from a Dog Bite!


    It’s every dog parent’s nightmare: You’re at the park with your pup having a good time when a scuffle between your dog and another breaks out, leaving your dog with a bite. Not only are dog bites painful for your pooch, they’re also extremely scary when you don’t know the other animal.

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