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    When Does a Cat's Troubled Breathing Become a Concern for Cancer?

    Troubled breathing is a broad symptom that could mean many things. Most of the time, breathing problems point to conditions like asthma or allergies that are easily managed with treatment. Other times, kitties aren’t so lucky.

    This Breathing Issue Can Be Life-Threatening for Dogs

    Pet parents often underestimate how serious breathing difficulties can be. They often chalk it up to allergies, a harmless cold or too much time under the hot sun. Unfortunately, breathing difficulties often don’t go away by themselves and only grow worse over time. For some unlucky pups, their raspy breathing could be due to a deadly illness like pneumonia.

    Is Your Cat Panting or Are They Having Trouble Breathing?

    Panting is usually associated with dogs, not cats. While it’s certainly less common, any kitty might breathe heavily after exposure to hot temperatures or intense play time. This behavior might appear strange in cats, but rest assured the occasional panting is completely harmless.

    7 Herbs that Can Help Normalize Your Pet's Blood Sugar

    After your pet’s annual checkup, the vet may reveal that poor Fido has higher blood sugar than usual. Blood sugar levels that remain consistently high can lead to insulin resistance. These two factors put your pet at a greater risk for diabetes.

    Could Your Pet's Wellness be Found in this Common Weed?

    Dandelions are known as the gardener’s enemy. Try as they may, no one can seem to get rid of this resilient weed. The plant is so pervasive and frustrating, you may be shocked to hear some people grow dandelions on purpose! Dandelions aren’t merely a blight on gardens—these yellow beauties are a gold mine filled with disease-fighting nutrients for your pet.

    Protect Your Pet From These 8 Outdoor Dangers

    Pet parents have full control over their homes, but once pets explore beyond those four walls, anything can happen. You never know what sorts of animals they’ll meet or contaminated substances they’ll get into. While you can’t prepare for every scenario, understanding the most common threats will help you protect pets from what they’ll likely encounter outside.

    8 of the Best Cat Toys Available

    The market is filled with an overwhelming number of cat toys. It’s hard to tell which toys your cat is going to like—and which ones are safe.

    Pets on Prescription Medication Need this Herb

    Modern medicine has saved countless pet lives. Prescription medication has the power to cure or slow the progression of life-threatening illnesses. However, every medication comes with a list of potential side effects. The medicine that’s saving your pet’s life may also cause hidden damage to vital organs.

    Why Does My Pet Have Itchy, Allergic Skin in Winter?

    Itchy skin on pets is hard to ignore. The constant licking, chewing and jangling of their collar is enough to drive anyone nuts! People usually associate seasonal allergies with spring, leaving pet parents stumped as to why their fur babies are itching up a storm in the middle of winter. Most attribute it to the dry air, but skin irritation could be more serious than that.

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