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    Are ‘Cat Years’ Real? Understanding Your Cat's Life Stages


    What is Hemangiosarcoma and Why is it So Dangerous for Dogs?


    This Breathing Issue Can Be Life-Threatening for Cats

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    Mango the Big Orange Kitty Has a Few of His 9 Lives Saved

    Mango is a lot of orange Maine Coon to love, and at 23 lbs. he is a big boy with a great big heart. He is calm, loving, very intuitive, and has been deeply connected to his mom since his first day home. Poor Mango became extremely sick after his 2nd vaccination and had to be hand fed back to health. Shortly after he gained a lot of weight, started coughing, and was diagnosed with Pleural Effusion. It was a serious combo of Pet Wellbeing products that gave this big orange kitty a second (or third!) shot at a happy life. 

    Probiotics Aren't Just for Dogs with Gut Problems

    Probiotics are growing to be a staple supplement for humans, but did you know probiotics might be beneficial for pets, too? These powerful bacterial are commonly used to treat bowel problems in pups, but they also have many more benefits to help your dog live a happy, healthy life.

    Why It's So Important to Protect Your Cat Against FeLV


    During your cat’s routine veterinary visits, your vet has probably recommended a vaccine against feline leukemia virus, or FeLV. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand what FeLV actually is and why it’s so harmful to our feline friends.

    8 Dog Breeds That Are Predisposed to Cancer


    Cancer is a devastating disease that can affect any dog, regardless of breed. Unfortunately, pet cancer experts have observed patterns regarding certain types of cancer and dog breeds that tend to suffer from them the most.

    How to Keep Pets Safe Around Your Vegetable Garden

    Summer vegetable gardens are great for providing fresh herbs and veggies for your household. Maintaining them can even be a fun pastime for you and your family. Unfortunately, if you’re a pet owner, vegetable gardens can also be a source of stress or danger.

    Tasha Defied the Odds After What Looked Like A Month to Live

    Tasha the golden doodle loves donut holes (known as Tim Bits in Canada) almost as much as she loves opening presents on Christmas morning. So it was extra devastating to receive a diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease in early December. After one week on meds her parents thought she wouldn't make it until Christmas. But they weren't going to let that happen, and it seems they managed to work a miracle!

    5 Things to Consider Before Fostering a Pet

    For animal lovers who aren’t ready or able to adopt a lovable pet for life, fostering a pet can be a great opportunity. However, becoming a pet foster parent can come with nuances and complexities many people don’t expect. Not every animal lover will be the right foster parent for every animal, so it’s important to consider a few things before taking a pet in.

    6 Reasons to Be Cautious with Your Pets Around Outdoor Water

    On warm, summer days, many pet owners like to let their pups take a dive in a nearby body of water to splash around and cool off. Although this can be lots of fun for your furry friend, not all bodies of water are safe for pets to swim in. A number of potential risks await in these water features and could cause your pet harm if you’re not careful.

    Could That Be Juvenile Gingivitis in Your Kitten?

    It’s well known that cats are susceptible to dental health problems like gingivitis and periodontal disease. But in most cases, these issues are found in older cats after years of neglected oral hygiene. This is why it can be so concerning for pet parents to identify signs of gum disease in a young kitten.

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