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What Did He Eat? Signs Your Dog Has Food Poisoning

If you’ve ever had food poisoning, you know how miserable the condition can make you feel. But did you realize that dogs can get food poisoning, too? If your pup gets into food that’s going bad or

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When Is It Appropriate to Crate Train a Cat?

When most pet parents think of crate training, they think of dogs. Cats tend to be more independent and typically don’t require crating for discipline, sleeping and other training activities.

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Identifying the Signs of a Skin Infection on Your Dog

Just like humans, dogs have thousands of microscopic bacteria and fungi living on their skin. These microorganisms are perfectly normal and are often necessary for optimal health. However, sometimes

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Understand Your Cat's Allergy Test Before Visiting the Vet

Allergies are a deceptively common ailment in household cats; it’s estimated that one in five cats have allergies. Cats can develop allergies to many different things over time. These may include

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Getting a New Puppy or Kitten? Spay or Neuter for Their Safety!

Getting a new puppy or kitten is an exciting thing. There is so much to do when you finally get to bring it home, from buying the essentials and toys to finding a new vet. One other thing you should

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Your Cat's Balance Issue May Be Related to Its Ears

Cats are known to be graceful and coordinated. They leap on and off of surfaces with ease, tend to land on their feet and generally have great balance. That’s why, if you see your cat tottering on

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What Can You Learn About Your Dog's Health Just From its Poop?

Aside from the cuddles, playtime and trips to the dog park, one major component of dog ownership is something much less fun: picking up poop. Pet parents get all too familiar with their dog’s poop

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The 6 Must-Have Pet Essentials for a Perfect Travel Experience

Going on a road trip with your pet can seem like a daunting experience. Most people assume that pets will immediately be stressed or hate travel, but many pets actually enjoy the ride, especially

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What to Do When Springtime Blooms Make Your Dog's Allergies Go Haywire

You know spring is in full swing when plants are beginning to bloom. The weather is nice so pets and their owners are spending more time outside, and your poor allergic pet may be starting to go nuts

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Feathers, Catnip and Strings, Oh My! Give Your Cat Pet-Safe Toys

Cats love to play with toys of all kinds. But, much like a parent of a child needs to be careful about what toys are safe, so do pet parents when choosing playthings for their kittens and adult cats.

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