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    Caring for a Cat After a Traumatic Injury

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    How You Can Help Your Pup Heal from PTSD

    Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s often discussed in humans, but many people don’t realize that pets can suffer from it, too. Dogs can develop PTSD after a traumatizing event or lifestyle, whether under your care or at a previous home. The condition can cause several problematic behaviors and force your furry friend to lead a life of fear and stress.

    How Do You Know When Your Dog Needs a Detox?

    Think about the daily routine of your dogs. They go for walks, roll in the grass, chew on toys, and eat practically everything—whether it’s edible or not. Such activities are part of a typical day for dogs, and pet owners don’t give it much thought.

    Is My Cat's Snoring a Sign of a Health Problem?

    Cat owners are used to a lot of sounds coming from their furry friends. Meows, cries, trills and purrs are all everyday occurrences in most households. But one noise many pet parents don’t always expect from their tiny furballs is snoring.

    These Changes to Your Dog's Skin May Point to Cushing's Disease

    Hormones are a necessary aspect of your dog’s development and health—by regulating all bodily symptoms, the hormones your pup’s body produces ensures that their health stays in check. That is, as long as their hormone levels are balanced.

    This Feline Disease is Hard to Identify and Even Harder to Treat

    When a cat gets sick, most pet owners are able to pick up on the signs and get them in to the vet as soon as possible for an examination. Typically, just a few simple tests can clue vets into the cat’s ailment, and vets can use that information to prescribe a cure or treatment.

    5 Reasons Your Dog is Pooping in the House

    Few things are more frustrating than coming home and happily greeting your dog, only to be met with a pile of stinky dog poop on your freshly cleaned floors. When this happens on a single, rare occasion, you might think nothing of it, but if your dog is regularly pooping in the house, you might begin to think they’re doing it on purpose.

    How a Fever Can Be Responsible for Your Cat's Strange Behavior

    Although cats are notorious for hiding symptoms of illness or injury, watchful pet parents are usually able to tell when something is slightly off with their furry friend. Perhaps your kitty hasn’t emptied their food bowl like they usually do, or maybe they’re acting more withdrawn than usual. When these small changes occur in rapid succession, it’s normal for you to be a little worried.

    The Ugly Truth About Your Pet's Food Bowl

    Every time you use a kitchen utensil, plate or bowl, you more than likely put it in the sink or dishwasher to be washed thoroughly before you use it again. This is common practice to avoid spreading germs or allowing bacteria to multiply. But when it comes to a pet’s food or water bowls, many pet owners can’t recall the last time they washed them!

    What is The Link Between Canine Mammary Cancer and Your Unspayed Dog?

    Breast cancer is a reality many humans have to face—whether in themselves, their partner or another loved one. But what many people don’t realize is that their dogs can suffer from breast cancer, too.

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