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    How to Manage Your Dog's Pancreatitis Through Diet

    Pancreatitis is often a scary and abrupt problem for dogs and their owners to experience. One moment, your pup is happily chowing down on some food, and the next, they might be doubled over in pain, vomiting and lethargic.

    How to Use Nutrition to Manage Your Cat's Kidney Disease

    Chronic kidney disease is one of the most common health problems seen in older cats. After many years, the kidneys slowly degrade and aren’t capable of functioning like they used to. Once this degradation becomes noticeable, it’s our job as cat owners to support our feline friends’ kidneys for optimal performance. One way to do this is through diet.

    Can Dogs Go Into Anaphylactic Shock?

    People who have severe allergies understand how dangerous allergic reactions can be. Some are prone to anaphylaxis—a potentially life-threatening reaction that requires immediate attention. This had led many pet owners to wonder, “If my dog can succumb to allergies, can they also experience anaphylactic shock?”

    Is Coconut Oil Good for Pets?

    Coconut oil is a staple in most pantries thanks to its range of health and beauty applications in humans. Understandably, many pet parents have begun to wonder whether coconut oil might have similar benefits for their four-legged friends. But is coconut oil safe for pets, and what benefits might it offer?

    7 Ways to Help Your Lazy Kitty Move More

    Pet owners everywhere know how lazy cats can be. Our furry friends love to snooze—so much so that they might spend all day lounging on the bed or the couch, hardly moving a muscle! However, it’s not healthy for our cats to perpetually engage in lazy behavior.

    6 Major Causes of Liver Disease in Dogs

    Your dog’s liver performs over 1,500 functions, including detoxifying blood, metabolizing energy, regulating hormones, processing medications, storing nutrients, assisting in digestion and removing wastes from the body. Because of how important this organ is, if the liver isn’t functioning properly, your dog’s body can shut down, leading to death.

    This Type of Cat Cancer Might be Tougher to Spot


    Few things are as terrifying to pet owners as cancer. But what’s even worse is cancer that is somewhat difficult to spot. Fortunately, there are ways to notice and get your pet the help they need to live a long, happy life.

    8 Ailments That Commonly Affect Large-Breed Dogs

    Some people gravitate toward big dogs. They love Mastiffs who think they’re lap dogs or Bernese Mountain Dogs that make everything around them seem small by comparison. The list of big breeds goes on and on—from slender Afghan hounds to clumsy Great Danes, slobbery St. Bernards to fluffy Cuvacs. These breeds are all unique and different in their own way, but all have size in common.

    The Dos and Don'ts of Treating Pet Pain

    When our pets are in pain due to an illness or injury, we as pet parents want to do all that we can to make it better. It’s never fun to see our pets suffer, but sometimes, our efforts to help can do even more harm.

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