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    8 Tips for Making Dogs Less Nervous in the Car

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    8 Ways to Help Your Anxious Pet When You Return to Work

    The past few years have seen an influx of people working from home. A remote work environment is challenging at times, but not for your pet! They love having you at their beck and call. For pets, owners working from home is a dream come true.

    Be Mindful of Antifreeze and De-Icing Salts on Dog Walks

    There’s no question as to why humans wear snow boots in winter. The sidewalks are freezing and covered with toxic de-icing salts. If we need protective gear, so do our dogs!

    10 Tips for Preparing Your Pets for Winter

    It’s that time of year again! The temperatures are dropping, neighbors are salting their driveways, and the days are getting shorter. Many pet parents are so focused on acclimating themselves to the cold, they don’t stop to wonder if their furry friends also need winter protection.

    Rescue the Rescues Update: SAVE Animal Shelter

    Heading back East, we connected with SAVE Animal Shelter in Princeton, New Jersey. The SAVE shelter facility has the capacity to house upwards of 100 animals at a time, and they have become the region's model animal welfare organization.

    Watch Your Cat for this Painful Tooth Problem

    Most cat ailments tend to fly under the radar. Kitties can’t tell their owners when their teeth hurt, but even if our cats could speak, they’d say nothing anyway! Cats would much rather deal with the pain than reveal their weaknesses to people and other pets. Unfortunately, their deceptiveness means many diseases are often left to fester.

    Why Might Pet Allergies Get Worse in Winter?

    Owners typically assume their pet’s seasonal allergies will fade away along with the grass and flowers. But for some unlucky pups and cats, winter means their allergies have just begun! Spring and summer bring high pollen counts, but the cold months increase your pet’s exposure to indoor allergens like dust, mold and household chemicals.

    Why Bright Ruffle Collars on Cats Are Better for Bird Safety

    It’s fascinating to watch our feline friends in their element. Cats are master hunters, pouncing on songbirds before they have a chance to escape. Pet parents might find it endearing, if not a little gross, to find hunted birds lying on their back porch. But while one dead bird may seem harmless, it’s not good to let your cat go bird hunting!

    The Cost of Adoption: What to Expect When Rescuing Pets


    You know you want to adopt a pet. What you don’t know is how much it’s going to cost when all is said and done. Adoption is definitely cheaper than buying a pet from the store or a breeder, but future pet parents should still have an idea of how much money to save up.

    How Can I Normalize my Dog's Blood Sugar Naturally?


    The most common treatment for diabetic pups is insulin therapy. Insulin is a hormone that allows the body’s cells to absorb glucose from the bloodstream. High blood glucose levels occur when the cells develop insulin resistance. Pet parents administer daily injections at home to elevate the dog’s insulin levels and increase the rate at which glucose enters cells.

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