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    Why is My Dog Constantly Itching His Ears?


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    Your Cat's Weepy Eyes are the Sign of a Conjunctivitis Issue

    Cat’s aren’t known to cry like humans are, which is why many pet owners become alarmed when they see watery discharge pooling in the corners of their cat’s eyes. This discharge is relatively normal—usually, it’s an automatic response to clean away debris or irritants that may have found their way into your cat’s eyes. It should clear up within the same day; consistently weepy eyes may be indicative of a bigger problem.

    Get Rid of Those Ear Mites That Are Driving Your Cat Crazy!

    It’s natural for your cat to get a little itchy now and then—almost any body part can have a normal itchy spot. Or, perhaps the itch is caused by a mild irritation or allergy. You’ll definitely notice, though, when your cat’s casual scratching turns into obsessive, harmful behavior. If this scratching is centralized by the ears, you might have something more than a regular itch on your hands. Your cat might have ear mites.

    5 Reasons Your Dog Might be Itching Excessively

    We want to keep our dogs as comfortable and happy as possible, which is why we worry when they seem to constantly be scratching, shaking or even gnawing at their skin at all hours of the day. While some itching is perfectly normal, excessive itching can be dangerous for your dog and is usually indicative of a larger problem.

    Bug Bites and Bee Stings: How to Protect Your Pup This Spring

    You and your pooch will likely be spending a lot of time outdoors while the weather is warm this spring. Unfortunately, warmer weather also means a great number of insects like bees and mosquitos will begin to make your backyard, nearby parks and wilderness areas their home. Dogs are curious by nature and will try to sniff around, but this curiosity may come back to bite them—literally. While outside this spring and summer, it’s important to be mindful of the insects that can cause your dog harm.

    Is Your Cat Grooming Excessively?

    Our feline friends spend a lot of time laying around, napping and grooming themselves. In fact, cats can spend up to 50 percent of their time licking and grooming, which is why many cat owners don’t bat an eye when their cat appears to be bathing itself all day long.

    4 Tips to Enjoy Spring While Avoiding Triggering Your Dog's Allergies

    Warmer weather is finally emerging, and many pet owners are itching to get outside and enjoy the nice, springtime weather as soon as they can. But for owners of a dog with seasonal allergies, another kind of itching may stop you and your furry friend in your tracks.

    An Itch that Can't be Scratched: Signs of Allergy-Induced Itching

    As any human who’s had a mosquito bite, poison ivy or allergic reaction knows, skin irritation and itchiness can be terrible to deal with. The urge to itch is nearly impossible to avoid, but we can typically use creams and medications to help ourselves. Our pets, on the other hand, can’t relieve itching as easily.

    6 Common Symptoms and Signs Your Pet Suffers from Seasonal Springtime Allergies

    When spring finally emerges, many pet owners get excited to take their pets outside more often for walks and playtime in the yard or in parks. What pet owners may be surprised to discover, though, is that their furry friends may be allergic to seasonal pollen.

    Springtime Grooming is a Great Way to Combat Dog Skin Allergies

    Springtime is the season of itching for many dogs. Between atopic and contact allergies, fleas and ticks, and a whole slew of other irritants, many dogs spend the spring months scratching vigorously to quell persistent itching. Skin allergies can get the best of your dog, making it hard for them to enjoy the fresh weather and the enjoyable outdoor activities that come with it.

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