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    Are Your Cat's Sudden Hairballs Caused by Allergies?


    Getting to the Bottom of the Allergies Your Dog is Experiencing


    Is Your Kitty Sneezing from Allergies, or Something More Serious?

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    Understand Your Cat's Allergy Test Before Visiting the Vet

    Allergies are a deceptively common ailment in household cats; it’s estimated that one in five cats have allergies. Cats can develop allergies to many different things over time. These may include outdoor allergens like mold or pollen, household substances like perfumes and cleaners and even foods like wheat or chicken.

    What to Do When Springtime Blooms Make Your Dog's Allergies Go Haywire

    You know spring is in full swing when plants are beginning to bloom. The weather is nice so pets and their owners are spending more time outside, and your poor allergic pet may be starting to go nuts because of seasonal allergies. Just like humans, dogs suffer their allergies predominantly in the spring - the most irritating season of all.

    Is Your Dog Panting or Is He Having Trouble Breathing?

    The sight and sound of a dog panting is very familiar to dog owners—all dogs will pant at some point or another, letting their tongue hang out as they catch their breath after a strenuous run or on a hot day. Panting is a normal bodily process that dog owners should expect, but it can sometimes be worrisome, since it may appear that your dog is having trouble catching its breath.

    How Allergies Might Be at the Root of Your Dog's Hair Loss

    These Allergens Might be Causing Your Cat to React to Its Food

    Can Cats Experience Allergies in Winter?

    Soothe Your Cat's Dry Winter Skin with These 5 Tips

    One of the most frustrating parts of winter is dry, flaky skin. But humans aren’t the only ones that can have this problem. Cats, too, can suffer from dry skin when the temperatures drop.

    Seasonal Allergies Might be Making It Difficult for Your Dog to Breathe

    The autumn season brings crisp weather, beautiful leaves and, unfortunately, a slew of allergies that affect people and dogs alike! If your dog is wheezing this fall, it could be a sign that they’re suffering from allergies, just like you.

    Why is My Dog Constantly Itching His Ears?

    We’ve all had an itch on our bodies before and know the painful sensation of itches that just won’t go away. Dogs can experience this sensation too and may get relentless: shaking, thumping and scratching away to relieve the frustrating sensation. One of the most commonly afflicted areas in dogs is the ear.

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