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Managing Your Kitten's Excited Behavior While Keeping It Safe

Anyone who has adopted a new kitten knows that they are a lot of work. Kittens tend to play intensely for short periods of time, followed by long naps to recharge. But, even though these bursts of

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How Do I Stop My Dog from Eating Things It Shouldn't?

Dogs have a knack of getting into things they shouldn’t. Almost every dog owner around the world has exclaimed, “No! Don’t eat that!�? to their pup at least once in its life.

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Caring for Your Cat When It's in Heat

Although it’s usually recommended to spay or neuter your cat as soon as possible, some female cats that are brought in as strays or adopted from a new litter go into heat before their pet parents can

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5 Ways to Calm Down an Overly-Energetic Dog

Some dogs are calm almost all of the time, relaxing on the couch and not giving a care in the world, while other dogs are active and hyper, with a seemingly endless stream of energy. While a

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Why Is My Cat Refusing to Eat?

Most cats are known for going crazy over their food. Sometimes, they act like they haven’t been fed in days and scarf their kibble or canned meals down in mere minutes. This is why it can be so

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Introducing Your Dog to a New Puppy Safely

Many dog owners are not simply one-pet kinds of people. If you’re making the decision to add a new puppy to your family when you already own an older dog, it’s important to think carefully

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Navigating Off-Leash Dog Parks: Etiquette and Tips to Make Sure Everyone Has Fun

Taking your pup to play at the dog park can be a lot of fun. You’ll get the opportunity to meet new dog owners, and your dog will have the chance to run around, burn off some steam and socialize with

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What Is it About Catnip that Makes Cats Crazy? And Is it Safe?

If you venture down the cat toy section of a pet store, you’ll notice that a lot of the toys will be branded with the word “catnip” on them. Catnip is a familiar term to pet owners, as it is

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Sneezing While Play Fighting is Your Dog's Way of Telling You It's Just a Game

Any dog owner knows that their pooch loves to have a good time. Many dogs are capable of getting pretty rowdy—wrestling, chasing people or other animals and playing tug-of-war. Playing with your pup

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Can Your Cat Tell When You're Sad?

Have you ever had a bad day, ending with your crawling into bed and hiding under the covers, only to have your cat snuggle up beside you a few minutes later? There’s something so reaffirming and

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