Pay Attention to Your Cat’s Sixth Sense Intuition!


    Why Is My Independent Cat So Clingy All of the Sudden?


    Why the Heck is My Cat Eating Non-Food Items?

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    This is Why Socializing Puppies is So Important

    After adopting a new puppy, you might be nervous about taking them out to the city or dog parks to interact with other pets. After all, a little puppy could easily be hurt by an animal or frightened by an unfamiliar situation, right?

    Why Your Dog Insists on Ripping the Stuffing Out of Everything!

    Almost every pet owner has returned from the pet store with a new stuffed animal for their pup, only to find that same toy completely destroyed not even a day later. Some dogs take this obsession with stuffing to the next level, de-fluffing almost anything soft and squishy: their bed, pillows, couch cushions and more.

    What to Do When Your Cats Just Won't Get Along

    You adopted two cats, thinking that they’d make nice companions for each other when you’re sleeping or not at home. Perhaps you had one cat for a while before adopting the other, or you adopted two at the same time. But now that they share the same space, your beloved kitties are at each other’s throats!

    Understand Your Cat's Tail Language to Read Their Mood

    It may seem like your cat’s tail has a mind of its own, swishing and flicking at seemingly random points—even when your kitty is sleeping! But your cat’s tail is very much in tune with what they are thinking and feeling. In fact, it can be a great indicator for your cat’s mood!

    How You Can Help Your Pup Heal from PTSD

    Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s often discussed in humans, but many people don’t realize that pets can suffer from it, too. Dogs can develop PTSD after a traumatizing event or lifestyle, whether under your care or at a previous home. The condition can cause several problematic behaviors and force your furry friend to lead a life of fear and stress.

    Why is My Dog Obsessed with Squeaky Toys?!

    Squeaky toys: They’re either tons of fun or a pet parent’s worst nightmare. Dogs who like squeaky toys tend to really love them, meaning they chomp and squeak on their plush or rubber toys all day and all night. But what is behind the adoration of these squeaky, loud, and potentially headache-inducing toys?

    3 Reasons for Your Cat's Newfound Blanket Sucking Habit

    Kittens and adult cats alike can develop some interesting habits that we humans find strange. Cats’ behaviors largely stem from evolutionary instincts and behaviors they learn as kittens from their siblings and mothers. One somewhat strange behavior cats may partake in is sucking or chewing on blankets or similar types of fabric. 

    Is Your Whiny Dog Just Seeking Attention or Is it Something More?

    Most dog owners are familiar with the sound of a whining dog. After being placed in a kennel for the workday, when sitting under the table begging for scraps or while waiting to go outside to do their business—dogs tend to whine for attention or because they need something. Because of this, dog owners might begin to ignore or block out the noise rather than give in to it.

    Watch Your Cat's Ears to Clue into Their #Mood

    Dogs’ ears tend to get a lot of attention—their floppy, erect or generally expressive nature is easily recognized. However, cats’ ears are very similar! With 32 muscles in each ear and the ability to turn them almost 180 degrees, cats’ ears are extremely useful—and interesting—parts of their bodies.

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