Why Training for Recall is So Important for Pups with High Prey Drives


    Do Cats Experience Separation Anxiety?


    6 Reasons Your Cat Howls All Night Long

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    Is Your Cat Urine Marking or Is it a Urinary Problem?

    Discovering that your cat has urinated outside their litter box is never a fun experience. But while your first instinct might be to call the vet to treat your cat’s urinary problem, you should consider why your cat has urinated in the first place.

    Your Ultimate Guide to Winter Cat Care

    Cats have some unique care needs, and these are made even more apparent in the winter months. Once the temperatures drop, snow begins to fall and the days get shorter, you might need to implement a few more elements into your cat’s daily routines.

    5 Ways Pets Are Affected by Winter’s Shorter Days

    Winter’s shorter days and colder temperatures are known for having a range of effects on humans, but did you know they can affect pets, too? Both dogs and cats experience a number of changes, physically and behaviorally, once the temperatures dip and the sun goes down earlier in the day.

    Pay Attention to Your Cat’s Sixth Sense Intuition!

    Like dogs, cats have very powerful senses that allow them to pick up on things humans can’t. Specifically, a cat’s sense of smell and hearing is much more finely tuned than ours, and their night vision and ultra-sensitive sense of touch keep them much more alert throughout the day. But in addition to the basics senses we share, some pet owners believe that their cats have a sixth sense capable of tuning into unspoken emotions, unseen danger or future events.

    Why Is My Independent Cat So Clingy All of the Sudden?

    A lot of cats like their independence. Unlike dogs, these aloof furballs are praised for being low maintenance and taking care of themselves. Aside from mealtime, cats bathe, use the litter box and do pretty much everything else without the help of humans. It’s hard to imagine such proud felines acting clingy, which is why a suddenly clingy kitty can raise some suspicion.

    Why the Heck is My Cat Eating Non-Food Items?

    Cats aren’t quite like dogs, who seem to have the urge to put anything and everything into their mouths. This is why it’s so bizarre to see a cat attempting to eat things that aren’t remotely close to food. As it turns out, the urge to eat non-food items stems from a condition called pica.

    This is Why Socializing Puppies is So Important

    After adopting a new puppy, you might be nervous about taking them out to the city or dog parks to interact with other pets. After all, a little puppy could easily be hurt by an animal or frightened by an unfamiliar situation, right?

    Why Your Dog Insists on Ripping the Stuffing Out of Everything!

    Almost every pet owner has returned from the pet store with a new stuffed animal for their pup, only to find that same toy completely destroyed not even a day later. Some dogs take this obsession with stuffing to the next level, de-fluffing almost anything soft and squishy: their bed, pillows, couch cushions and more.

    What to Do When Your Cats Just Won't Get Along

    You adopted two cats, thinking that they’d make nice companions for each other when you’re sleeping or not at home. Perhaps you had one cat for a while before adopting the other, or you adopted two at the same time. But now that they share the same space, your beloved kitties are at each other’s throats!

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