Are Your Other Pets Grieving a Recently Lost Pet, Too?

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    Managing Your Kitten's Excited Behavior While Keeping It Safe

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    Must-Haves and Tips for Adopting A New Cat

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    When Is It Appropriate to Crate Train a Cat?

    When most pet parents think of crate training, they think of dogs. Cats tend to be more independent and typically don’t require crating for discipline, sleeping and other training activities.

    How Do I Stop My Dog from Eating Things It Shouldn't?

    Dogs have a knack of getting into things they shouldn’t. Almost every dog owner around the world has exclaimed, “No! Don’t eat that!" to their pup at least once in its life.

    Caring for Your Wound Up Cat When It's in Heat

    Although it’s usually recommended to spay or neuter your cat as soon as possible, some female cats that are brought in as strays or adopted from a new litter go into heat before their pet parents can get the procedure done.

    5 Ways to Calm Down an Overly Energetic Dog

    Some dogs are calm almost all of the time, relaxing on the couch and not giving a care in the world, while other dogs are active and hyper, with a seemingly endless stream of energy. While a combination of the two is usually best, the latter can be downright exhausting for pet parents who can’t stimulate their dogs 24/7.

    A Bored Cat Can Wreak Destruction on Your Home

    Stop Wiping Up Pee from Your Excited Puppy Every Time You Come Home

    It’s an all-too-common occurrence for owners of a brand-new puppy: anytime someone enters the home or the dog gets excited, a little puddle of pee appears on the floor. Cleaning up after your overly excited puppy can get frustrating, especially when your puppy has been housebroken.

    Here’s Why You Should Keep Your Dog on a Strict Nighttime Schedule

    As humans, we know that following a regular nighttime routine helps us fall asleep faster, sleep better and feel healthier. When it comes to our pets, bedtimes are just as important. Establishing a nightly schedule will help keep your dog happy and healthy (with some added benefits for you, too!).

    Why Is My Cat Refusing to Eat?

    Most cats are known for going crazy over their food. Sometimes, they act like they haven’t been fed in days and scarf their kibble or canned meals down in mere minutes. This is why it can be so alarming to wake up one day and discover that your cat is not the least bit interested in its food.

    Introducing Your Dog to a New Puppy Safely

    Many dog owners are not simply one-pet kinds of people. If you’re making the decision to add a new puppy to your family when you already own an older dog, it’s important to think carefully beforehand. While getting a new pet may be extremely exciting and fast-paced for you, it must be a slow and calculated transition for your older dog.

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