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    Why Do Cats Eat Grass and Is It Safe?

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    Do Cats Have The Same Effects On Children As Dogs?

    Disclaimer: This article is in no way meant to insinuate that cats are responsible for mental health problems in children.

    If Your Dog Eats Poop, Blame Ancient Wolves

    Regardless of how natural the behavior may be, dog owners are understandably horrified to see their pets eating poop. Not only does it seem undeniably unhealthy, but there is also no concrete scientific explanation for why a trained, socialized pet would do such a thing.

    Dogs On The Move: Helping Man’s Best Friend Adapt To A New Home

    When you’re searching for a new home, your decision doesn't just come down to the number of bedrooms and baths. You want a safe neighborhood to play in, great schools for the kids, reasonable commutes for working parents, and close proximity to the activities everyone enjoys. You must consider the wants and needs of every member of the family… including those with more than two legs.

    5 Tips For New Dog Owners

    There’s no way to sugarcoat it: Bringing a dog into your life is not easy. Your new family member might have trouble with something that comes naturally to other dogs, or display personality traits you didn’t see coming. It’s impossible to predict every challenge that awaits but dedicated preparation can significantly increase the likelihood of your dog leading a happy and healthy life.

    Does Your Cat Have OCD?

    It is one thing to joke about your cat compulsively cleaning themselves, but it is another thing when you begin to note that your cat is cleaning himself to the point where he is putting a bald patch into his skin or when he has actually injured himself due to this type of behavior. The truth of the matter is that cats can suffer from psychological issues just like humans do, and when a normal activity is taken from being something that is neutral to something that is deliberately harmful, it is time to start looking at it as a disorder and as something that needs treatment. Does one of your cats suffer from OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)?

    Cat Fur Personality Test: Can Fur Color Affect Your Cat's Behavior?

    Here's a unique Cat Personality Test for all cat lovers

    - your cat's personality has a lot to do with their fur's colors!

    Cats come in many shades of colors, but the one thing they have in common is the cattitude, and we sure love them for it! Cats are interesting characters and they can often showcase their unique attitude which is endearing and entertaining to their family members. Cat fanciers, veterinarians, animal behaviorists and cat owners can all attest to the fact that after a careful examination of feline genetics, there is a very strong connection between the color of a cat’s fur and their personality. 

    When It's Time to Say Good-bye to Our Pets

    If only our beloved friends, who have been by our sides through thick and thin, could stay forever. But we know they can’t and that is hard to face. Maybe your dog has a chronic disease or has lived a very long life and you know that soon it will be time to say goodbye to your friend. All of us wish our older pets would pass away peacefully in their sleep, but that is usually not the case and we are left with a difficult decision. It quickly becomes a question of, “When is the right time?"

    What Changes in Behavior Will I See If My Cat Has Hyperthyroidism?

    The main changes that you might notice in your cat’s behavior if she develops hyperthyroidism are as follows:

    3 Mistakes to Avoid when Leash Training Your Dog

    Anybody who's tried to walk an unruly dog, especially large unruly dogs, can probably tell you about the importance of leash training. Not only for your own sanity but also for the safety of your dog, leash training is an important aspect of basic dog training. To avoid stressful walks where your dog pulls incessantly on the leash, this is crucial training.

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