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    Get the Scoop: Does Litter Type Really Matter?

    With so many brands and types available today, the options for kitty litter can seem overwhelming. Should you go for the cheapest option? What does the difference in particle size mean? What scents do cats like best? Your biggest question might be, “Does the type of litter I buy really matter?”

    What Your Cat's Poop Can Tell You

    It’s not always easy to tell how healthy your cat is. Cats are very good at masking pain and illness without showing any symptoms at all, meaning a health problem could go undetected for weeks or even months before it worsens. Fortunately, one way cat owners can get clued in to their furry friend’s health is by paying attention to its litter box. 

    Natural Ways to Alleviate Diarrhea in Dogs

    Dog owners will have to manage a case of canine diarrhea at one point or another. Dog diarrhea is somewhat common and is usually a result of your dog eating something that disagrees with its stomach.

    How to Respond to Different Kinds of Dog Diarrhea

    If your dog has diarrhea, or liquidy, unformed stools, you are undoubtedly interested in making it stop. There are two main types of canine diarrhea, and they are likely to require different types of treatment. However, only one poses serious health risks and needs immediate attention.

    Backed Up or Blocked - Feline Constipation or Intestinal Obstructions?

    Because of our cats’ litter box habits, it is relatively easy to notice when they are not as “regular” as they should be. When daily scoopings turn up empty multiple days in a row, it is pretty clear that something is wrong.

    What Did He Eat? Signs Your Dog Has Food Poisoning

    If you’ve ever had food poisoning, you know how miserable the condition can make you feel. But did you realize that dogs can get food poisoning, too? If your pup gets into food that’s going bad or that doesn’t play nice with its stomach, it might experience an unpleasant bout of sickness.

    What Can You Learn About Your Dog's Health Just From its Poop?

    Aside from the cuddles, playtime and trips to the dog park, one major component of dog ownership is something much less fun: picking up poop. Pet parents get all too familiar with their dog’s poop every day, whether it’s outside in the backyard or in the park during a walk.

    How to Help Your Cat Overcome Constipation

    Your cat’s litter box needs to be cleaned once a day to keep your cat happy. This routine makes it really easy to spot when your cat might be having bowel problems. Specifically, the lack of evidence that your cat has used its litter box in the past day or two might make you question what’s going on with its health.

    Straining to Go: Help Identify and Treat Constipation in Your Dog

    Any dog owner can tell you their least favorite part about owning a dog: picking up after it. Unlike cats, which usually go to the bathroom in a litter box, dogs are more likely to pee on bushes and trees and to poop all over the yard. Many household guests have fallen victim to the lone dog pile that the owner accidentally missed during their daily pick-up.

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