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Anemia Shares Common Signs of Illness: Here's What You Should Know

Diagnosing a dog when it gets sick is not easy. Unlike humans, who can describe their specific symptoms and where they may feel pain, dogs tend to display their signs of illness in many of the same

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What a Lump on Your Dog's Skin Can Mean

One day, you might be petting your beloved pup or brushing its hair when you notice a lump or bump on the skin that wasn’t there before. Finding bumps can alarming. They can be a sign of a health

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What You Should Know About Feline Cancers

Cancer is devastating. It can affect almost any part of the body and have dire consequences. Unfortunately, cancer does not only affect humans. Our pets can also develop this terrible

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10 Signs of Cancer to Keep an Eye Out for in Your Senior Dog

Your dog is getting older and as they do, you want to be on the lookout for potential health concerns that may impact their quality of life in their later years. Cancer is one such disease your dog

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