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    What is Hemangiosarcoma and Why is it So Dangerous for Dogs?

    Any cancer diagnosis is scary and heartbreaking for a pet owner to receive, but one of the worst is canine hemangiosarcoma. This extremely aggressive disease has a rapid onset and can cause problems without much warning. By staying informed, dog owners may have a better chance at identifying this form of cancer in their pups and seeking the help they need faster.

    Mango the Big Orange Kitty Has a Few of His 9 Lives Saved

    Mango is a lot of orange Maine Coon to love, and at 23 lbs. he is a big boy with a great big heart. He is calm, loving, very intuitive, and has been deeply connected to his mom since his first day home. Poor Mango became extremely sick after his 2nd vaccination and had to be hand fed back to health. Shortly after he gained a lot of weight, started coughing, and was diagnosed with Pleural Effusion. It was a serious combo of Pet Wellbeing products that gave this big orange kitty a second (or third!) shot at a happy life. 

    8 Dog Breeds That Are Predisposed to Cancer


    Cancer is a devastating disease that can affect any dog, regardless of breed. Unfortunately, pet cancer experts have observed patterns regarding certain types of cancer and dog breeds that tend to suffer from them the most.

    The Dangerous Effects Smoking Has on Your Pets

    The effects smoking can have on your lungs, as well as the people around you, are well known. But less attention has been paid to the effects smoking can have on our pets. Vaping or smoking a cigarette or cigar near your furry friend might not seem like a big deal, but it could lead to significant health problems.

    When Does a Dog's Troubled Breathing Become a Concern for Cancer?

    You’re used to your dog panting audibly after a healthy run or on a hot summer’s day. But if your pup begins to breathe rapidly, struggle for air or cough frequently, something is probably wrong with their health. Although we never want to think the worst, one of the potential causes of breathing problems in dogs is lung cancer.

    May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month


    There are few things sadder for our pets than a diagnosis of cancer. Our pets are susceptible to many of the same forms of cancer as we are as humans, and 12 million cats and dogs are diagnosed with a form of cancer every year. Unfortunately, many of these diagnoses come as a complete surprise to pet owners who didn’t know about the dangers and signs of canine or feline cancer.

    What is Osteosarcoma? How Can it Make Life Extra Hard for Your Pup?

    Of all the potential types of cancer your dog could succumb to, osteosarcoma might be one of the most painful and aggressive. This fast-spreading cancer is known to disrupt the life your dog knows and loves in many ways.

    4 Common Types of Cat Cancer

    Few diagnoses in our furry friends are as scary and overwhelming as cancer. For most pet parents, finding out their beloved cat has cancer can be just as devastating as hearing the news from a friend or family member.

    How Are Mast Cell Tumors Different from Other Dog Cancers?

    There are many forms of dog cancer, each affecting a particular part of the body, causing different symptoms and requiring a specific form of treatment. One such form of canine cancer is mast cell tumors. Although it is the most common form of skin cancer in dogs, it is one of the least understood by the public because of its variability.

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