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    Goliath Saved His Skin with Some Special Senior Support

    Goliath moves like a wild cat. Before he slowed down with age, he needed to be outside to be truly happy. He loves to run, climb, and even sleep in trees like his bigger cousins in the wild! Early in the year, Goliath was diagnosed with the strange sounding "long-term anemia" and slowly developed a habit of incessant scratching. Nobody quite understood the connection but the scratching started to deteriorate into painful wounds. What’s a cat dad to do?

    Keep Your Cat Active & Stimulated While Stuck Inside for the Winter

    For cats that venture outside, summer is the most exciting time of the year. Warm weather means there are plenty of plants to sniff and animals to hunt. Outdoor environments help cats stay in shape and sharpen their minds. With so much to explore, outdoor cats can easily stay entertained all on their own. But when the snow begins to fall, cats spend a lot more time cooped up in their homes.

    How Much Exercise Does Your Cat Actually Need?

    Many owners believe cats don’t need a lot of exercise. It’s easy to see why. Cats are perfectly content to spend most of their time snoozing on the couch. While it’s normal for cats to nap all day, pet parents shouldn’t underestimate the role of exercise in maintaining their cats’ overall physical and mental health.

    Learn How Turkey Tail Mushroom Can Boost Your Pet's Immune System

    A number of things can bog down your pet’s immune system. Stress, inflammation, free radicals—these factors and more can dampen their immunity, opening the door to allergies, infections and even cancer. No matter which obstacles your pet faces, every furry companion could use a little extra immune support.

    Can Cats & Dogs Catch Colds?

    Cold and flu season is upon us once again. The weather gets chilly, and all of a sudden, it seems like everyone is catching a cold. But it’s not just humans—our furry companions get sick this time of year, as well.

    Do Pets Like Mushroom Supplements?

    There’s no doubt that medicinal mushrooms are great for dogs and cats. These special mushrooms are packed with nutrients that can provide immune support, reduce oxidative stress and improve cognitive function. But the question is, will your furry friend actually eat them?

    How Chewables Make Pet Health Easier to Achieve

    Many pet parents recognize the value of pet health supplements. They want to feed supplements to their pets, but too many obstacles stand in the way. Supplements can be expensive, complicated and time-consuming. And if a pet refuses to take their supplements, all that time, money and effort would amount to nothing.

    The Healthiest Pet Food Toppers to Enhance Your Cat's Dinner

    Most cats eat the same food every day. It’s easy to fall into the routine of scooping kibble into your cat’s food bowl. Cats appreciate variety as much as we do, so switch up your feline friend’s diet by adding a pet food topper to their meals. Pet food toppers provide the flavor and nutrients necessary for a delicious, well-balanced diet.

    The Connection Between Diet and Your Cat's Healthy Skin

    A lot goes into your cat’s silky coat and flawless skin. Daily brushing, self-grooming, flea preventatives and even the occasional bath are essential components to feline skin health. But beyond that, diet also plays a pivotal role in the health of your cat’s skin and coat.

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