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    6 Reasons Your Cat Howls All Night Long

    Your cat might be sleepy and quiet throughout the day, but at night, they might come alive, running and playing throughout the house. But what’s even more disruptive is the persistent yowling and crying some cats do throughout the wee hours of the morning while you’re trying to sleep.

    Why Is Your Pet's Rabies Shot So Important?

    One of the most highly mandated aspects of domestic pets’ health is their vaccinations—specifically, the rabies vaccination. In many places, pets can’t be licensed or travel without proof of vaccination against this disease. But have you ever wondered why, exactly, it’s so important?

    Is Your Cat Urine Marking or Is it a Urinary Problem?

    Discovering that your cat has urinated outside their litter box is never a fun experience. But while your first instinct might be to call the vet to treat your cat’s urinary problem, you should consider why your cat has urinated in the first place.

    Make Preventative Care a Part of Your Pet's New Year’s Resolutions

    New year’s resolutions are designed to help us set and achieve healthy goals, with the first of the year serving as a fresh slate. For pet owners, new year’s resolutions not only give us the opportunity to consider our own wellbeing but also our furry friends’!

    What to Make of Your Cat’s Repetitive Sneezing

    Picture this: You’re sitting on your couch watching your favorite TV show. Your lovable kitty is curled up in your lap or lounging on the other side of the room. Without warning, they rear up. Their face scrunches into a strange expression…and they let off a series of powerful sneezes.

    Can You Prevent Urinary Problems in Cats?

    If you’ve ever had a cat who began to pee around the house as an indicator of a urinary tract problem, you probably understand how important urinary health is for our feline friends. Cats are susceptible to a number of urinary problems, from kidney disease to urinary tract infections to the dreaded urinary blockages in male cats.

    7 Tips for Finding a Lost Pet


    One of every pet parent’s worst fears is their beloved furry friend getting loose and wandering far from home. Searching for a lost pet can be frightening, stressful and traumatic for both you and your pet.

    Your Ultimate Guide to Winter Cat Care

    Cats have some unique care needs, and these are made even more apparent in the winter months. Once the temperatures drop, snow begins to fall and the days get shorter, you might need to implement a few more elements into your cat’s daily routines.

    How to Prepare for a Vet Appointment During a Crisis

    A lot of things change during times of crisis, whether due to a natural disaster or a widespread heath concern. The last thing you need on top of the fear or stress you might be feeling is a pet health problem to deal with!

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