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    5 Reasons Your Cat's Skin is Dry and Flaky

    Most cats are furry and soft—it’s why we love to snuggle up with them and pet them! Not only is a soft coat nice to touch, but it’s also an indicator of good health. Hydrated skin and shiny fur let us know that our kitties are getting all the nutrients they need. On the flip side, dry, flaky skin and a dull coat might be signs that something is wrong.

    Help Your Pet Adjust to the End of Stay-at-Home Orders

    To slow the spread of the pandemic, much of the world has been encouraged or required to stay home for the majority of their time. For weeks on end, individuals and families have been working and doing school from their homes—and pets have grown accustomed to this.

    How to Care for a Cat with Vision Impairments

    Cats are susceptible to a wide range of vision problems, especially as they age. While some of these conditions might be treatable, others may cause blurry or impaired vision or even total blindness. Of course, the degradation or total loss of one of your cat’s senses can be disorienting and even dangerous to their health.

    Identify & Manage Your Cat's Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is something many people struggle with. The good news is, you can easily change your diet or get prescription medication to help you cope with it. Your cat isn’t so lucky. They might be living with this chronic condition with no way of being able to alert you of it.

    Is it Possible to Train a Cat Like a Dog?

    When you hear the word “training” in reference to pets, you probably think about training dogs. And, as the old saying goes, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” But what about cats? Can they be taught and trained, too?

    7 Solutions to Your Cat's Fussy Eating

    Cats are very particular animals. One of the most frustrating aspects of a cat’s pickiness just might be their fussiness when it comes to eating. Some cats will refuse to eat if the food or environment aren’t to their liking, and it can be extremely frustrating! But what can you do?

    Do You Have an Emergency Plan for Your Pet?

    Emergencies can strike when you least expect them. Whether you’re faced with a natural disaster, a sudden illness or even death, it’s important to be prepared. But if you have pets, you’ll need to do an additional level of planning to ensure their health and safety.

    5 Ways to Safely Celebrate Your Pet's Birthday

    Our pets are extensions of our families. So, when it’s their birthday, it’s only natural to want to celebrate! Although dogs and cats probably don’t understand what a birthday is, they’re sure to enjoy being showered with extra love and attention.

    May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month


    There are few things sadder for our pets than a diagnosis of cancer. Our pets are susceptible to many of the same forms of cancer as we are as humans, and 12 million cats and dogs are diagnosed with a form of cancer every year. Unfortunately, many of these diagnoses come as a complete surprise to pet owners who didn’t know about the dangers and signs of canine or feline cancer.

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