Liver Problems Could be Responsible for Your Cat's Delicate Tummy


    4 Common Triggers for Rescue Pets and How to be Mindful of Them


    What Can I Do About My Pet's ‘Reverse Sneeze’?

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    8 Tips for Introducing a Rescue Cat to Other Pets Safely

    It’s obvious you and your new rescue cat are a perfect match. But what about the other pets back at home?

    How to Put Your Pet on a Detox (and Why They’ll Thank You)

    There’s so much talk about how us humans can go on a detox. But did you know that our furry companions benefit from detoxes, too? Pets come in direct contact with harsh chemicals just as much as we do and could use a good cleanse every once in a while.

    Don’t Forget to Check the Box: Spotting Cat Constipation Before it Becomes Severe

    A cat might look fine, but what’s going on inside could be a whole different story. Cats are masters of keeping secrets from their owners, and constipation is one of them. For most pet parents, the health of their kitty’s digestive tract is one big question mark. The only way to spot constipation is by getting up close and personal with their toilet, AKA the litter box.

    7 Reasons Fostering a Rescue Pet is Good For Mental Health—Yours & Theirs

    Future pet owners are often so focused on adoption, few consider becoming a foster home for animals in need. Adoption might be the end goal, but fostering rescues is a huge part of preparing pets for their new homes. Foster homes give animals the opportunity to work through behavioral issues and experience the life they’ve always wanted before they find their forever homes.

    Stool Consistency Can Tell a Lot About Your Pet’s Gut Health

    No one knows a pet’s poop better than their owner. In fact, you’re probably more familiar with pet poop than you want to be! Picking up stool is one of the less-glamorous aspects of pet ownership, but a close look in the litter box is essential for keeping their gut health in check. When it comes to pet poop, consistency is everything.

    Your Cat's Reluctance to Jump Might Mean a Painful Joint Issue

    Young kitties are capable of some impressive feats. They clear vast expanses with a single leap, nimbly navigating your living room like the jungle cat that they are. But that was years ago—now your fur baby is all grown up and takes things a bit slow. If your cat is avoiding their usual perches, arthritis could be to blame.

    Why Rescuing a Cat is the Best Way to Adopt

    Few can resist the charms of store-bought fur babies. You walk into the pet store to buy more cat food and happen to pass the rows of adorable kittens just waiting to be taken home. They’re so cute that, for a second, you consider buying another cat right then and there!

    Recognizing and Treating Mouth Pain in Cats

    Cats are masters of deception. They hide pain in order to not appear weak, no matter how bad it gets. Unfortunately, the fact that cats hide their pain so well makes it difficult to recognize when they need help. Pet parents can’t just ask their cats what’s wrong! All cats have to do is act natural, and their unsuspecting owners are none the wiser. This is particularly true when it comes to mouth pain in cats.

    Which Cats Benefit Most from Immune Support?

    The average adult cat has a healthy immune system. If a cat gets sick, they can take it in stride and make a speedy recovery. However, not all cats are that lucky. Factors like age, chronic illness and medical history play a role in determining which cats need more help than others.

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