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A special Christmas for a ragdoll cat with bone cancer

When her beloved 11-year old Ragdoll cat was diagnosed with bone cancer a few months ago, Sue was heartbroken. The options that the vet provided to prolong the kitty’s life were daunting and involved

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Why You Should Never Self-Diagnose Your Pet

Something is wrong: Your pet isn’t eating or has loose stool or is acting just plain strange. Is he or she feeling well?  Many pet owners can immediately tell if something is a little off with their

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The Senior's Guide For Choosing A Pet Companion

Pets are valued as beloved companions that provide entertainment, company, and in some cases, protection. Outside of these common characteristics are benefits that can enhance any senior’s lifestyle

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Cat Fur Personality Test: Can Fur Color Affect Your Cat's Behavior?

Here's a unique Cat Personality Test for all cat lovers - your cat's personality has a lot to do with their fur's colors! Cats come in many shades of colors, but the one thing they have in common is

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Understanding Cancer in Cats

The word “cancer” strikes fear into the hearts of all pet owners. It’s the very last thing that you want to hear your veterinarian say when you take your beloved feline companion in for a problem.

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Behavioral Warning Signs of Hyperthyroidism in Cats

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Cat Diarrhea

Medical Information Causes Dietary indiscretion Intestinal parasites Sudden Diet Changes Stress and Anxiety Medications Bacterial and viral infections Symptoms Soft, watery, or loose stool

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Understanding Feline Upper Respiratory Infections

Although cats do not get colds, they do suffer from upper respiratory infections. These kind of infections are seen mostly commonly in shelter cats, barn cats and outdoor stray cats. Although any cat

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