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    Your Cat's Weepy Eyes are the Sign of a Conjunctivitis Issue

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    What Do Your Cat's Chirping and Trilling Sounds Really Mean?

    Although they are relatively simple animals—spending a majority of their time sleeping and the rest of it laying around or grooming—cats can make a lot of noise. A Wide variety of sounds might emit from your cat’s little mouth, and, if it it’s the first time you’ve heard it, it might frighten you!

    Overweight Cats: How to help Your Furry Friend Shed Some Weight

    Our cats meow and beg for food all the time, and in a world of large plates and hungry bellies for ourselves, we may be tempted to cave in and feed our feline friends just a little more. These temptations often lead to one of the most common health problems in cats: obesity.

    Your Cat's Excessive Shedding Can Be a Sign of Bigger Problems

    Part of being a cat owner is knowing that if you wear dark clothing around your cat, it might not remain dark due to being covered in hair! Cats shed their fur—it’s just a fact. But what happens if you feel like the fur you are discovering around your home is too much to be normal?

    A Ravenous Appetite May Signal Hyperthyroidism in Your Cat

    When we first bring a baby kitten home, we may be surprised at how much it eats as it grows. A constantly-hungry kitten is little to worry about, and this intense appetite tends to settle down over time. However, many pet owners find that their older cats begin to develop increasing appetites once again.

    Sleeping, Snoozing and Downright Dreaming: All About Your Cat’s Sleeping Habits

    It’s a fact that cat owners know well: our feline friends sleep, and they sleep a lot. If you don’t see your cat playing or grooming itself during the day, there’s a good chance it’s off somewhere cozy, sleeping. In fact, cats spend nearly two-thirds of their lives asleep!

    Tips for Dealing with Your Cat's Destructive Scratching

    Owning a cat is an overall great experience. Cats are playful, independent, cuddly and full of fun and love… until you notice they are starting to rip up your furniture by scratching at it!

    Manual vs. Free Choice Feeding for Your Cat

    In the wild, cats are natural hunters. A wild cat might hunt down and eat 10 small meals per day, filled with meat because of their carnivorous diets! When it comes to domesticated cats, though, hunting for food isn’t an option or a necessity. It is up to the cat owner to provide enough food for the pet each day.

    5 Steps to a Stress-Free Introduction Between Your Cat and New Puppy

    Some people consider themselves dog people; others are cat people through and through. Even more people love both animals equally. But when it comes to choosing a pet, what’s the animal lover to do? The old saying, “fighting like cats and dogs,” keeps many people from thinking that our feline and canine friends can get along. However, many pet owners take care of both dogs and cats within their homes and find that their pets have no trouble coexisting.

    Get Rid of Those Ear Mites That Are Driving Your Cat Crazy!

    It’s natural for your cat to get a little itchy now and then—almost any body part can have a normal itchy spot. Or, perhaps the itch is caused by a mild irritation or allergy. You’ll definitely notice, though, when your cat’s casual scratching turns into obsessive, harmful behavior. If this scratching is centralized by the ears, you might have something more than a regular itch on your hands. Your cat might have ear mites.

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