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    6 Alternative Treatments for Pet Arthritis

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    Protect Your Kitten from These 4 Common Ailments

    Kittens are a lot like babies—fragile little things that need protection and care to grow big and strong. Because of their underdeveloped immune systems and lack of vaccinations, kittens are more susceptible to illnesses that might not affect adult cats as often. Additionally, these illnesses might have much more drastic consequences for your kitty if they’re not addressed.

    How Safe is it Really to Let Your Cat Outside?

    Before they were domesticated, cats roamed the wild on their own, hunting their food and defending themselves against predators. Although many stray cats still do this, cats are largely domestic animals now, content with living in luxury indoors. But if your cat expresses interest in heading out into the great unknown, is it okay to let them tap into their instincts and explore outside?

    Treat Your Pet to a Safe and Love-Filled Valentine's Day


    It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air! On this special day, you’ll want to show your loved one just how much they mean to you—and that includes your furry friends. Most Valentine’s Day traditions for humans aren’t safe for pets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an extra-special holiday with the dog or cat who has your heart.

    8 Ways to Cut Pet Care Costs While Protecting Your Pet's Health

    Pets are important members of our families, and we want the best for them. Unfortunately, pet care can get expensive—especially if your beloved furry friend has a health problem. If you’re looking for ways to trim pet care costs, it’s important to be mindful of whether those costs you’re cutting also cut into your pet’s health over time.

    Do Cats Experience Separation Anxiety?

    Cats have a bad reputation for being loners. Many people think of felines the opposite of how they think of dogs, assuming they are content to be alone and even prefer it to the company of other pets or humans. This is why some cat owners are shocked to discover that their kitty has developed separation anxiety.

    How to Use Nutrition to Manage Your Cat's Kidney Disease

    Chronic kidney disease is one of the most common health problems seen in older cats. After many years, the kidneys slowly degrade and aren’t capable of functioning like they used to. Once this degradation becomes noticeable, it’s our job as cat owners to support our feline friends’ kidneys for optimal performance. One way to do this is through diet.

    Is Coconut Oil Good for Pets?

    Coconut oil is a staple in most pantries thanks to its range of health and beauty applications in humans. Understandably, many pet parents have begun to wonder whether coconut oil might have similar benefits for their four-legged friends. But is coconut oil safe for pets, and what benefits might it offer?

    7 Ways to Help Your Lazy Kitty Move More

    Pet owners everywhere know how lazy cats can be. Our furry friends love to snooze—so much so that they might spend all day lounging on the bed or the couch, hardly moving a muscle! However, it’s not healthy for our cats to perpetually engage in lazy behavior.

    This Type of Cat Cancer Might be Tougher to Spot


    Few things are as terrifying to pet owners as cancer. But what’s even worse is cancer that is somewhat difficult to spot. Fortunately, there are ways to notice and get your pet the help they need to live a long, happy life.

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