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    Why Omega 3s Are a Must-Have in Any Pet's Healthy Diet

    Pet parents often wonder if commercial pet food is enough to satisfy their four-legged friend’s nutritional needs. Some pet diets need to be supplemented with other healthy sources of nutrients. For instance, omega-3 fatty acids are a great addition to your pet’s meals. Commonly found in fish oil, omega 3s offer a variety of health benefits, from shiny coats to a healthier heart.

    The Dangers of Worms in Puppies and Kittens

    A lot of pet parents assume intestinal worms are nothing to worry about—they think all their sick pet needs is some medication, and they’re good to go. Adult pets might recover from worms unscathed, but the same can’t be said about puppies and kittens. What might be a minor nuisance to adult pets can prove fatal to fur babies that are just weeks old.

    3 of the Most Common Parasites in Cats

    Sometimes, the biggest threat to your cat’s health is the smallest in size. Parasites are ever-present in a cat’s environment, especially if they like to roam the great outdoors. The first step in protecting your kitty from these critters is learning what they are, where they come from and what symptoms they cause.

    10 of the Most Common Toxins for Cats and Dogs

    If there’s one thing our pets love, it’s eating things they shouldn’t. Pet parents often catch their mischievous fur babies pawing at bags of fertilizer or open food containers. Curiosity gets the better of them, leaving you to anxiously await their prognosis in the vet hospital’s waiting room.

    When Does a Cat's Troubled Breathing Become a Concern for Cancer?

    Troubled breathing is a broad symptom that could mean many things. Most of the time, breathing problems point to conditions like asthma or allergies that are easily managed with treatment. Other times, kitties aren’t so lucky.

    Is Your Cat Panting or Are They Having Trouble Breathing?

    Panting is usually associated with dogs, not cats. While it’s certainly less common, any kitty might breathe heavily after exposure to hot temperatures or intense play time. This behavior might appear strange in cats, but rest assured the occasional panting is completely harmless.

    7 Herbs that Can Help Normalize Your Pet's Blood Sugar

    After your pet’s annual checkup, the vet may reveal that poor Fido has higher blood sugar than usual. Blood sugar levels that remain consistently high can lead to insulin resistance. These two factors put your pet at a greater risk for diabetes.

    Could Your Pet's Wellness be Found in this Common Weed?

    Dandelions are known as the gardener’s enemy. Try as they may, no one can seem to get rid of this resilient weed. The plant is so pervasive and frustrating, you may be shocked to hear some people grow dandelions on purpose! Dandelions aren’t merely a blight on gardens—these yellow beauties are a gold mine filled with disease-fighting nutrients for your pet.

    Protect Your Pet From These 8 Outdoor Dangers

    Pet parents have full control over their homes, but once pets explore beyond those four walls, anything can happen. You never know what sorts of animals they’ll meet or contaminated substances they’ll get into. While you can’t prepare for every scenario, understanding the most common threats will help you protect pets from what they’ll likely encounter outside.

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