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    How to Keep Your Pet From Getting Lost or Stolen!

    No one wants to imagine their fur baby scared, hungry and far from home. But the truth is, pets become lost every day—more so than anyone wants to admit. The finder might bring your pet to a shelter for identification, or they might try to claim it as their own.

    Bolster Your Pet's Cardiovascular System With These Wellness Tips

    Pet parents need to prioritize their fur baby’s cardiovascular system as much as their own. The heart, lungs and blood vessels are constantly working to keep your pet healthy. Any damage done to these vital organs can have devastating consequences. Cats and dogs are vulnerable to many of the cardiovascular diseases humans face, plus other threats like heartworms.

    Your Cat's Health from Tip to Tail

    At first glance, your cat may seem fine. They polish off every meal, play with their toys and act like their usual, pleasant self. But cats are masters of deception, and your fur baby might be in more discomfort than they want you to believe. Don’t wait until warning signs arise—take the initiative by incorporating preventative health measures for every part of their body.

    What to Do If You Spot Stray Cats in Your Neighborhood

    Thousands of stray cats roam the streets all around the USA and Canada. Depending on where you live, you might cross paths with one! Should you choose to look after a cold, scared, hungry fur baby and help them find a forever home, make sure you go about rescuing the right way in order to keep the cat and themselves safe.

    Do My Cat's Gums Look Normal? Here's How to Tell

    When your cat yawns, you might get a brief glimpse at what’s going on in their mouth. After taking a peek, cat owners often ask themselves, “Are my cat’s gums normal?”

    Why Rescue Organizations Want You to Spay or Neuter

    Rescue organizations witness firsthand the negative consequences of not spaying or neutering pets. Shelters and rescue agencies are overrun with neglected fur babies desperate for a home. All too many pets end up in rescues because owners didn’t take the time to spay/neuter their cats and dogs. In an effort to save future pets from this fate, rescue organizations typically pay for the medical procedure before each animal gets adopted.

    February is Pet Dental Health Month


    Many pet owners underestimate the importance of a pet’s dental health. Since pets can’t speak to us, owners often forget they can fall prey to painful dental diseases, too. It’s easy to overlook your fur baby’s oral hygiene until they develop alarming symptoms you can no longer ignore. But with a little bit of at-home care, pet parents can prevent dental diseases from occurring in the first place.

    Superfoods for Pets! How These Nutrients Benefit Our Furry Friends


    Pets grow tired of eating the same old kibble day in and day out. Even if you choose a nutritious commercial food, cats and dogs can benefit from eating whole fruits and vegetables. As it turns out, a lot of the fresh produce in your fridge is not only safe for pets but beneficial to them, as well! Pets can even have many superfoods, which have earned their name due to being rich in nutrients.

    Cold Weather Dos and Don'ts for Outdoor Pets

    Winter care for humans is simple. Slather on the lotion and put on a jacket when it gets chilly outside. But when it comes to our furry friends, pet owners are at a loss for how to guard against the harsh winter elements.

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