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    When is Dog Diarrhea an Emergency?

    Every dog experiences the occasional bout of diarrhea. It’s so common that pet parents often dismiss the ailment as no big deal. But in some cases, diarrhea indicates the presence of something a lot more serious. The symptoms overlaps with numerous health problems ranging from a mere upset stomach to cancer.

    7 Benefits of Daily Probiotics for Dogs

    Probiotics aren’t just for humans—they can help out your furry friend, too! Pet owners and their canine companions share similar ailments, most of all tummy issues. It’s not uncommon for owners to witness their poor pups suffering from the occasional bout of diarrhea, bloating and gas. Luckily, probiotics can help.

    7 Common Causes of Constipation in Cats

    Cats are pros at hiding their discomfort from us humans. As a result, many health problems often fly under the radar. Constipation is very common among cats and goes unnoticed by those who don’t know how to look for it. But, if you look close enough, you might pick up on the subtle signs of constipation—hard and dry stool, straining, pooping outside the litter box, failure to produce feces and infrequent defecation.

    When is Dog Vomiting an Emergency?

    When dogs throw up, most pet owners assume it’s no big deal. After all, they just need to get whatever dirt or grass they ate out of their system—right? Not always.

    4 Tips to Help Your Puppy Develop Good Digestive Health

    The popular saying goes, “You are what you eat.” The same can be said for a puppy’s digestive system! Low-fat proteins and good bacteria lead to a healthy gut, while the opposite can have disastrous results on your pup’s health as they age.

    5 Natural Remedies for Digestive Problems in Dogs

    From illness to anxiety to a bad batch of food, any number of things can bring on an upset stomach. It’s the same for your dog, too. If they’re feeling particularly stressed or got into people food they shouldn’t eat, they could be dealing with an upset stomach. And while they can’t tell you about it, the signs are hard to miss.

    5 Symptoms of Colic in Dogs and How to Address Them

    You may have heard of colic in babies, which causes them to cry and fuss for hours at a time without any obvious reason. But did you know that dogs can experience colic too? The main difference, however, is that canine colic usually has an identifiable cause.

    Beware the Dangers of Halloween Treats for Dogs


    Halloween marks the start of a very tasty time of year! If you have a sweet tooth, chances are Halloween is your favorite holiday, and there’s probably a ton of candy in your house as October 31 approaches. But beware: Your preference for candy can be troublesome for sneaky dogs who want to do a little trick-or-treating of their own!

    Help Your Cat Eat Slower & Safer with These Tips

    Most cat owners are familiar with the ravenous appetite their cats work up when mealtime approaches. Once the food bowl is prepared, it’s difficult to get your feline friend to slow down and enjoy their food. And, for some kitties, their speedy eating might be to their detriment.

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