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    7 of the Most Common Types of Cancer in Dogs

    As pet owners, we work hard to keep our dogs healthy so they can live a long, happy life. Unfortunately, many health problems are out of our control, and the diagnoses can be scary.

    Help a New Pet Owner this Holiday with a Gift of Supplements

    As the holidays grow near, many people will become new pet owners—whether they’re adopting a pet on their own as a gift to themselves or are being surprised with a new pet from a family member. If you’re aware that a friend or family member is going to welcome a furry friend into their family very soon, the holidays would be the perfect time for you to add to the celebration with the gift of pet health supplements!

    4 Ways That Pet Supplements Make Better Holiday Gifts Than Treats

    The holidays are right around the corner, and like many pet owners, you’re probably wondering what you should give to your furry friend in their tiny pet stocking. After all, our pets are family members and deserve something to unwrap and enjoy during the holidays, too!

    November is Pet Diabetes Awareness Month!

    Many people are aware that November is Diabetes Awareness Month, but fewer know that pets can suffer from this disease, as well. Because thousands of cats and dogs are diagnosed with diabetes around the world each year, November now serves as a reminder of the disease in our furry friends, too.

    Reduce Chronic Inflammation in Your Dog with These Tips

    Much like in humans, chronic inflammation is a problem that can lead to health complications in our furry, four-legged counterparts. Although inflammatory immune responses are normal, chronic inflammation is not, and mitigating it starting when your pet is young may help them live a longer and more comfortable life.

    Do You Know How to Care for a Dog with a Heart Condition?

    It can be scary and devastating to learn that your dog suffers from a dangerous heart condition like congestive heart failure. However, once you receive the diagnosis, another process begins: the routine care and management of your dog’s disease. For many pet parents, this process can be just as or even more challenging than handling the diagnosis itself.

    Are Treats Ruining Your Dog's Diet?

    Dog owners love to spoil their dogs. Whether learning a new trick, behaving well, or just being too cute to resist, you might be tempted to shower your pup with cuddles, pets, toys and—of course—treats.

    5 Steps to Easier Car Travel with Your Pet

    For many pets, being placed in a travel carrier and taken on a drive to a place they don’t know is a terrifying experience. If they aren’t used to car travel, both dogs and cats can have negative responses, including distressed behaviors, increased vocalizations and even car sickness. Perhaps they associate car travel with the vet, or they are frightened by the noise and movements while you’re on the road.

    Cats Aren't the Only Pets that Can Get Hairballs!

    When most pet parents think of hairballs, cats are usually the first things that come to mind. Cats are most likely to get hairballs, since they groom themselves with their barbed tongues. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that dogs can get hairballs, too.

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