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    The Link Between Gut Health and Joint Pain in Dogs


    How to Manage Your Dog’s Heart Health with Nutrition


    How to Manage Your Dog’s Gut Health with Nutrition

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    The Best of Holistic Therapy for Pets in 2023

    Pets are such an important part of our lives; we want to give them the best of everything. One important way we can do this is by taking great care of their health. But beyond routine visits to the vet, all pet owners should be thinking about their furry friend’s overall health, wellbeing and quality of life.

    Zeus, the Saint Bernard, Defies Poisoning and Returns Stronger

    In the charming town of Weirton, nestled in the foothills of West Virginia, there lives a resilient Saint Bernard named Zeus. He was not an ordinary dog. His robust build, expressive eyes, and sagacious aura set him apart. Trained as a service dog, he had become my rock, constant, and everything. He had an uncanny knack for understanding human emotions and lent a comforting paw whenever I was overwhelmed.

    How Fish Oil Can Help Your Dog’s Joint Health

    If you are looking for ways to improve your dog’s overall health, especially their joints, fish oil supplements could be the answer. Even if your dog eats high-quality, balanced food, sometimes food alone is not sufficient in providing all the nutrients they need. Pets and humans both tend to need more omega-3 fatty acids than they get through their diets. This is why it’s important for pets to get a fish oil supplement, which is rich in omega-3s.

    What Is the Best Kind of Fish Oil For Dogs and Cats?

    While it’s important to support your pet with balanced and nourishing meals, supplementing their diet can do wonders to improve their overall health. You’ve probably heard about fish oil for pets or seen capsules at the store, but it can be overwhelming to figure out what exactly your pet needs and why. To find the right fish oil supplement for your pet, you should learn the basics—from its benefits to top considerations when choosing one type over another.

    Why Is My Dog's Breath So Bad?

    Dog owners might love to cuddle with their furry friends, but there’s little worse than being up close and personal with a dog’s mouth when they decide to yawn. All it takes is one whiff of stinky dog breath to ask yourself, “What could possibly be causing that smell?”.

    Understanding Gum Disease in Dogs

    Most people are aware of the risks of gingivitis and actively work to prevent it by brushing their teeth and visiting the dentist each year. But did you know that dogs can experience gingivitis and gum disease, too? In the same way you care for your own teeth and gums, you should also care for your furry friend’s oral hygiene.

    Introducing Pet Wellbeing's Chewable for Skin and Coat Health in Dogs

    Dogs can get itchy for all sorts of reasons. Dry weather and allergies are among the most common causes of itchy, swollen skin in dogs. No matter the cause, dogs that suffer from persistent itching may benefit from our Itch & Scratch Chewies. They promote a shiny coat and smooth, flawless skin beneath it.

    Eddie the Goldie Moves Again After Bone Cancer & Arthritis

    Eddie is a lovable 10 year old grown up puppy! Ever since he was rescued, he keeps a big smile on his adorable face, enjoying the little things in life without a care in the world. He’s come a long way from his struggle with immobility and arthritis, but it wasn’t an easy road. Eddie found his legs again with the help of some special herbal products.

    Finding Relief for Kiya the Pug's Unexpected Cushing's Disease

    Kiya is not your ordinary pug. In all her 11 years she has lived life on her own terms, and just when you think you have her figured out, she will keep you guessing. When some unexpected side effects of medication for a completely unrelated diagnosis lead to Cushing’s Disease, her situation went from rough to worse. Fortunately, her parents took the advice of a friend  on an herbal remedy and made life just a little smoother. Sometimes it’s not easy being an unpredictable pug!

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