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    Managing General Anxiety in Dogs and Cats


    Hidden Reasons Why Processed Pet Foods Are So Addictive

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    Pawsitive Reinforcement for Less-Stressed Training

    Many pet parents are quick to snap at their dogs when they misbehave. After all, it’s frustrating when dogs repeatedly poop in the house or tear up the couch cushions. But punishing them only teaches fear—not obedience. Punishment may work in the moment, but owners who use this training tactic will find the bad behavior happens over and over again.

    Could My Dog's Joint Pain be Lyme Disease?

    When pet parents see their pups hobbling around, they often believe arthritis is to blame. What many don’t know is that joint pain is associated with a slew of other canine diseases, most notably Lyme disease.

    5 Indoor Exercises for Dogs This Winter

    Winter means saying goodbye to long hikes and playing fetch on the beach. The temperature is plummeting, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Nor should it—dogs need exercise year-round, even when they’re cooped up indoors. Otherwise, your restless pooch may resort to destructive behaviors like tearing up the couch to blow off some steam.

    Can Pets Experience Seasonal Depression?

    When the winter blues start affecting humans, pet parents often ask, “Can my pet experience seasonal depression, too?” The short answer is maybe.

    Persistent Pet Itching: Is it Dry Skin or Allergies?

    Pets itch from time to time. But if they’re itching all the time, it becomes a problem! Pet parents can usually tell when something’s wrong, but it’s not as easy to tell what’s causing the skin to itch so badly. Some owners chock it up to general dryness, while others suspect allergies could be to blame. Either way, a vet’s diagnosis is necessary to get to the bottom of the issue.

    7 Natural Ways to Relieve Itchy Skin in Dogs and Cats

    The holidays are in full swing, and you can practically hear sleigh bells on the rooftops. Or maybe that’s just your pet! Along with the festivities, winter brings incessant jangling from pets who can’t seem to shake that itch. The drop in temperature can send cats and dogs into an itching frenzy that gets on a pet parent’s last nerves.

    Trees, Wrapping, Tinsel: Keep Your Pets Away from Holiday Perils

    Tinsel, treats and trees, oh my! These may sound like your favorite parts of the holiday season, but for our furry friends, festive décor and desserts can end in an emergency vet trip. No loving pet parent wants to accidentally put their fur baby in the hospital, nor do they want to take time away from the festivities.

    How You Can Minimize Your Pet's Stress This Holiday Season

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year—for humans, that is! The holidays are filled with gifts, big dinners and visits from loved ones. From a pet’s perspective, though, all of that translates to loud noises and forced interactions. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that pet parents see increased anxiety from their furry friends during the holiday season.

    6 Things to Know Before Adopting a Dog From a Shelter

    Adopting a shelter dog isn’t as easy as filling out the paperwork and bringing the pup home. Future pet parents must be absolutely certain they’re adopting the right pup at the right time.

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