These Everyday Objects Make the Safest Pet Toys (And These Others Don't!)

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    August is Pet Immunization Awareness Month!


    8 Fun Summer Activities to Do with Your Pets

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    Sasha Returns to Her Old Self with Adrenal Harmony Gold

    Sasha is a Maltese/Shih Tzu cross who is full of energy and has a serious mind of her own. She loves going for her daily walks with her dad Kerry, chasing her fellow pup pal Abby, and sourcing out treats wherever she goes. When she started to wind down, lose her hair, and get very, very hungry, her parents knew something was up. Skeptics by nature, they took a leap of faith and tried out an herbal solution. They would be extremely thankful that they did!

    5 Ways to Keep Scared Pets Calm During a Storm

    Although summer is often celebrated for its long, sunny days and beautiful weather, it’s also a season characterized by thunderstorms. You might find it calming to observe lightning strikes and rolling booms of thunder from inside your home, but your furry friends are more likely to feel the exact opposite!

    How to Help Your Dog Cope with Hearing Loss

    Dogs rely on their sense of hearing every day. They listen to verbal commands, return to their owners after being called and perk up at the sound of another dog, the jingling of keys or the doorbell ringing. But if your dog experiences hearing loss, their auditory-centric lifestyle will drastically change.

    5 Insects That Are Harmful to Pets

    Summer is here, and pet owners everywhere are itching to spend some time outdoors in the nice, sunny weather. Unfortunately, summer also means more insects will be out and might leave you and your pets “itching” in another way! Creepy crawlers are more than just a nuisance—they can actually be dangerous to our furry friends.

    How Unchecked Infections Can Lead to Pneumonia in Your Pup

    Pneumonia is a scary condition for our furry friends to experience. Your normally energetic pup might find themselves unable to breathe easily without wheezing or coughing. But beyond discomfort, pneumonia can be life threatening in dogs if it’s untreated for too long.

    Watch Out for This Form of Cancer in Your Small Dog

    Cancer is one of the scariest health problems to affect our furry friends. Not only is it often life threatening, but it’s also difficult to spot until it’s spread or worsened. One of the reasons for this is that every type of cancer acts and presents a little differently and can sometimes masquerade as a different type of health problem. Such is the case with transitional cell carcinoma (TCC), or bladder cancer, in dogs.

    This is How Altitude Sickness Can Leave Your Dog High & Dry

    Pets can make amazing travel companions, especially if they’re curious and up for adventures in new places. This summer, your travels might take you to mountainous regions, where you and your adventure pup can enjoy day-long hikes and breathtaking vistas. Unfortunately, there are more than a few dangers that await you in the mountains. One of these is altitude sickness.

    Is Chlorine Bad for Dogs? Understanding Pooch Pool Safety

    Summer is finally here, which means it’s time for a dip in the pool. It’s tempting to jump right in without a second thought. But as you enjoy the refreshing water with your dog, concerns might be floating at the back of your mind. You’re probably wondering: Is it safe for my dog to swim in all these pool chemicals?

    July is Pet Parasite Awareness Month

    Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you could read your pet’s thoughts? For one, you’d know right away if something was wrong with their health. Unless you’re a dog or cat whisperer, pet owners usually don’t realize parasites have taken root until their poor furry friend starts getting an upset stomach on a regular basis. By then, parasites have long since made themselves at home in your dog’s or cat’s intestinal tract.

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