What is Osteosarcoma? How Can it Make Life Extra Hard for Your Pup?


    This Dangerous Health Problem Happens to Dogs on a Fatty Diet

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    The Dos and Don'ts of Insect Repellent for Pets

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    Learn How to Pack a Doggy Emergency Kit for Your Spring Adventures

    Spring and summer are the perfect times to get outside with your pup and explore the world! As you get ready for adventure, it’s a smart idea to pack yourself a first-aid kit. You never know what can happen when you’re out in unfamiliar territory. While you’re at it, pack one for your pup, too!

    Help Your Pet Stress Less During Quarantine

    During a global health crisis, our everyday lives are disrupted. As people work remotely, schools close and social events are cancelled, we are spending a lot more time than usual at home. While we may be going stir crazy ourselves, our pets are also likely to be affected by these changes—and not necessarily for the better!

    5 Dangers of Obesity in Dogs


    When your dog gives you their puppy-dog eyes and whines when their food bowl is empty or they want a snack off your dinner plate, it can be difficult to resist giving in. Unfortunately, when giving your dog more food than they need becomes commonplace, they’re likely to gain a lot of extra weight and become obese.

    10 Steps to a DIY At-Home Pet Exam

    Just like it’s important for humans to see the doctor around once a year for a health checkup, our pets should also visit the vet annually for an exam. However, unlike humans, our pets can’t communicate to us if something is wrong, which means illnesses that develop between these checkups might go unnoticed for long periods of time.

    4 Life-Saving Steps to Rescue a Fainting Pet

    If you’ve ever been in the presence of someone fainting, you know how sudden and scary it can be. What’s even scarier is when it happens to your pet. Unlike humans—who can give you warning they’re about to pass out—animals often faint very suddenly when they’re under duress. Owners are instantly thrown into a panic. What happened? Is my pet okay? What caused them to faint?

    Everything You Wanted to Know About Kidney Disease in Dogs

    It’s no surprise to any pet owner that as our dogs age they become more susceptible to a range of diseases and disorders. A common tragic disease most common to senior dogs is found in the kidneys. It is estimated that kidney disease will affect 10% of dogs at some point in their lives. Kidney disease can come on slowly or it can strike all at once. How it happens can depend on your dog’s general health, age, and some severe environmental factors.  

    This is How Spring Cleaning Puts Your Pet in Danger

    It’s officially springtime, and the nicer weather is encouraging people everywhere to open the windows, grab the cleaning supplies and do a bit of spring cleaning to freshen up their homes. Although spring cleaning can be a refreshing chore, for pet owners, it can also be the source of danger for cats and dogs.

    April is Cushing's Disease Awareness Month

    That's right! April is Cushing’s Disease Awareness Month, designed to inform all pet owners about this endocrine disorder and its effects. What do you know about Cushing's and how it affects our pets' adrenal glands? Learn how to identify, treat, and understand the disease to be prepared for your pet's wellbeing.

    7 Ways to Stop Your Dog's Spring Allergies Before They Start

    After a long and cold winter, most people and their pets are eager for the warmer weather and longer days of spring. But if you have a pet with seasonal allergies, you might feel the exact opposite! Helping a pup manage springtime allergies can be challenging—you’d do almost anything to save them from the scratching, licking, sneezing and inflammation that atopic dermatitis can cause.

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