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    4 Common Triggers for Rescue Pets and How to be Mindful of Them

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    What Can I Do About My Pet's ‘Reverse Sneeze’?

    Dog owners—and even some cat owners—have witnessed the moment when silence is suddenly punctuated by a violent snorting noise. The episode would cause alarm for any pet parent, but it ends as quickly as it begins. After a few seconds, your furry friend seems back to normal!

    How Diarrhea Can Impact Your Dog’s Anal Glands

    Diarrhea is inevitable in the life of a dog. They’re constantly trying to eat things they shouldn’t, which usually ends with a tummy ache and a mess pet parents get to clean up! Some unlucky pups deal with diarrhea on a regular basis. Chronic diarrhea doesn’t merely indicate digestive problems, though—it could spell trouble for a dog’s anal glands, too.

    How to Put Your Pet on a Detox (and Why They’ll Thank You)

    There’s so much talk about how us humans can go on a detox. But did you know that our furry companions benefit from detoxes, too? Pets come in direct contact with harsh chemicals just as much as we do and could use a good cleanse every once in a while.

    7 Reasons Fostering a Rescue Pet is Good For Mental Health—Yours & Theirs

    Future pet owners are often so focused on adoption, few consider becoming a foster home for animals in need. Adoption might be the end goal, but fostering rescues is a huge part of preparing pets for their new homes. Foster homes give animals the opportunity to work through behavioral issues and experience the life they’ve always wanted before they find their forever homes.

    Yoga for Canine Joint Health: Downward Dog With Your Pup

    Lots of yoga poses are named after animals—like cobra pose, swan pose and the ever-famous downward dog. Yogis have gotten so used to performing downward dog on their own that they’ve nearly forgotten who it’s named after! As it turns out, your furry friend is the perfect companion for a hot new trend called “doga.”

    Stool Consistency Can Tell a Lot About Your Pet’s Gut Health

    No one knows a pet’s poop better than their owner. In fact, you’re probably more familiar with pet poop than you want to be! Picking up stool is one of the less-glamorous aspects of pet ownership, but a close look in the litter box is essential for keeping their gut health in check. When it comes to pet poop, consistency is everything.

    Puppy Asthma: Is Your Dog Wheezing After Romping Outdoors?

    Rigorous play time outdoors can make any dog pant up a storm. However, other symptoms aren’t so commonplace. Many pet parents fail to take wheezing and coughing seriously, writing them off as a normal part of canine exercise.

    Rescue Pups May Have Bad Habits: Be Patient With Them!

    All too many dog owners miss out on the joys of adopting a rescue pup. They see behavioral issues and go running to pet stores, instead. Behaviors like aggression and separation anxiety deter people because they believe rescue pups are damaged forever. What they fail to see is that all dogs need training, regardless of whether they’re rescued, adopted or store bought. Rescue dogs aren’t a lost cause—they’re still capable of giving and receiving love!

    4 Types of Thyroid Issues in Dogs

    Some pet parents gradually start to notice their pup is looking a bit pudgy. Others have the opposite problem, fretting over why Fido suddenly looks malnourished. Either way, fluctuations in weight along with other symptoms could indicate one of several thyroid issues.

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