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    7 Benefits of Daily Probiotics for Dogs

    Probiotics aren’t just for humans—they can help out your furry friend, too! Pet owners and their canine companions share similar ailments, most of all tummy issues. It’s not uncommon for owners to witness their poor pups suffering from the occasional bout of diarrhea, bloating and gas. Luckily, probiotics can help.

    Why You Should Consider Breed-Specific Pet Rescues

    Many future pet owners like the idea of raising a purebred dog. Since they are less common in shelters, people often turn to breeders or pet stores to find their new furry companion. What they don’t realize is that pups that come from these places are often forced to endure poor living conditions. Whether you want a Golden Retriever or Border Collie, breed-specific pet rescues are the better option for you and the pup.

    Watch Out for These 7 Signs of Asthma in Dogs

    Asthma is a common respiratory ailment among humans. What few pet owners realize is their furry friends can suffer from it, too. Asthma in dogs often goes undiagnosed because the symptoms look similar to a perfectly healthy panting dog.

    7 Benefits of #AdoptDontShop for Your Next Pet

    Pet adoption is very popular, and for good reason. Stroll down the rows of kennels at a shelter, and you’ll see countless loving animals who deserve a second chance at life. One glance into a pup’s or kitty’s eyes will tell you they’ve been through a lot. Shelter pets seek human affection so much, you’ll have a hard time saying no to that adorable furry face!

    6 Ways to Support Your Rescue Dog’s Transition Home

    Rescuing a dog is a noble cause, and many dogs are ecstatic to start their new life beyond the confines of the shelter. However, many recently adopted rescues have a somewhat challenging time adjusting to their new home—especially if they’ve come from abusive or neglectful backgrounds.

    4 Steps to Helping a Chubby Dog Lose Weight

    One day, you might look over at your pooch and realizing they’re looking a bit spherical around the midriff. Your dog isn’t alone in this—excessive weight gain is a problem that plagues more than half of domesticated canines. Lounging around the house combined with a few too many treats can easily pack on the pounds and lead to serious health consequences.

    How to Spot Bladder Infections in Dogs

    Anyone who’s ever contracted a UTI knows how painful and frustrating they can be. You wouldn’t wish it upon anyone, especially not your pup! Unfortunately, bladder and urinary tract infections become more commonplace as dogs get older, and they keep coming back for those with certain underlying conditions.

    How to Keep Your Recently Adopted Pet Healthy

    A lot more goes into owning a cat or dog than new pet parents realize. In addition to the basics like food, love and attention, a newly adopted pet needs preventative measures like spaying or neutering, vaccines, regular checkups, proper nutrition and more.

    7 Tips for Caring for a Pet After Surgery

    If your fur baby had a successful surgery, the scary part is over, and it’s time for them to come home. Now that surgery is out of the way, you and your pet can begin the road to recovery. However, you can’t go right back to normal. Post-surgical home care requires a lot of time and commitment for pet parents. Rest assured, your furry companion will return to their normal self soon!

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