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    What is Kennel Cough and How Can I Treat It?

    Just like humans, it’s normal for dogs to cough every once in a while. But if it sounds like they’re constantly hacking up a lung, something’s not right. Dry coughing fits could indicate the presence of a respiratory infection called kennel cough.

    Watch Out for Hot Spots on Your Dog

    Summer is here, and that means you and your dogs are sure to hit the pool, the trails and tons of other places for adventures. Unfortunately, all this extra exposure to moisture and grass might leave your pup feeling itchy, or worse, at risk for a type of skin infection called a hot spot.

    The Top 3 Reasons to Spay & Neuter Your Pet

    Spaying and neutering are among the most common surgical procedures for pets, yet many owners don’t understand why they’re so important. This leads people to question the practice and potentially skip it altogether. However, there are many reasons why pet parents should spay or neuter their cats and dogs—both for their sake and for the community at large. Here are the top three reasons every pet parent should have their pets spayed or neutered.

    The Top 8 Health Issues that Rescue Dogs Experience

    Rescue dogs often have traumatic pasts, so it comes as no surprise that many experience health ailments that potential pet parents must be aware of. Because dogs at rescue agencies may harbor both physical and mental trauma from neglect, abusive homes or living on the streets, prospective pet parents should expect to face some challenges along the way.

    4 Tips for Preventing Dog Ear Infections

    Ear infections aren’t just a human problem—your pup can contract one, too. Anyone who’s endured an ear infection wouldn’t wish it upon anyone, let alone their loving dog.

    How to Adopt a Pet from a Rescue Agency

    Rescue agencies typically operate differently than normal adoption shelters. The adoption process for rescue animals involves a few extra steps because it’s critical that pets with a troubled past get placed in the perfect home for a great life. The rigorous process isn’t meant to deter you from adopting. Rather, all the paperwork and interviews ensure that you bring home the fur baby of your dreams!

    Why Pet Health Supplements Are Worth It

    Many pet parents fall into the trap of believing supplements are useless. Owners think food, water and exercise is enough to keep their furry friends healthy. Unfortunately, some cats and dogs live with nutritional deficiencies without their owners realizing it or are predisposed to health problems that supplements may help prevent. Supplements are for the young and old, big and small, healthy and sick—and here’s why.

    How to Spot a Bacterial Claw Infection Before It Gets Bad

    Bacterial claw infections are relatively common among dogs. Although they’re easily remedied, these paw problems shouldn’t be taken lightly. Infections that go unchecked can and will develop into something more difficult to treat and, in the worst cases, might become risky.

    How to Care for a Recent Dog Rescue

    Rescue dogs have different needs than most adopted pups. They’re often shuttled from one foster home to the next or saved from an abusive owner. Some began life as strays and have never known the comforts of a soft bed and human affection.

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