How to Help Your Dog Cope with Hearing Loss


    Is All That Scratching from an Ear Infection or Mites?


    Learn the Top Signs of Feline Ear Infections

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    Your Cat's Balance Issue May Be Related to Its Ears

    Cats are known to be graceful and coordinated. They leap on and off of surfaces with ease, tend to land on their feet and generally have great balance. That’s why, if you see your cat tottering on its feet or consistently missing its landings when it jumps off its cat tree, you know something is amiss.

    What Dark-Colored Discharge in Your Dog's Ears Can Mean

    Why is My Dog Constantly Itching His Ears?

    We’ve all had an itch on our bodies before and know the painful sensation of itches that just won’t go away. Dogs can experience this sensation too and may get relentless: shaking, thumping and scratching away to relieve the frustrating sensation. One of the most commonly afflicted areas in dogs is the ear.

    Get Rid of Your Cat's Ear Mites for Good

    It’s natural for your cat to get a little itchy now and then—almost any body part can have a normal itchy spot. Or, perhaps the itch is caused by a mild irritation or allergy. You’ll definitely notice, though, when your cat’s casual scratching turns into obsessive, harmful behavior. If this scratching is centralized by the ears, you might have something more than a regular itch on your hands. Your cat might have ear mites.

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