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Exercise is Important for Dogs with Arthritis: Here's How to Help

Just like in humans, our four-legged friends can develop the painful condition that is arthritis. Inflamed, painful joints force our pups to slow down and move with caution. Arthritis may even make

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Why Mental Exercise is Just as Important as Physical Exercise for Your Dog

Every dog owner knows the importance of physical exercise for dogs. We take our pups on walks, chase them around the yard, play with tug ropes and do much more to keep their bodies healthy and their

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Keep Your Dog Comfortable and Cool This Summer

Summer is here, and it’s a great opportunity to get out and have fun with your pet. But the weather can bring added risks that may result in tragedy. For example, we hear the warnings every year, but

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Making Joint Pain and Arthritis More Manageable for Your Older Dog

For many dogs, their years of running, leaping, bounding and rolling around take a toll on their bodies, specifically their joints. As they age, previously-active dogs may become sluggish, lethargic,

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