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Prevent Outdoor Adventures From Increasing Your Dog's Risk of Worms

With warmer temperatures comes more frequent trips outdoors, from the park to hiking trails to the wilderness. If you’re the type of dog owner who loves bringing Fido along for every outdoor

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5 Steps to Letting Your Cat Outside This Summer Without Worry

Although many people consider cats to be “inside” animals, an increasing number of pet owners are allowing their cats to roam around outside or are taking them on outdoor adventures. This can be

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Warmer Weather Means Fleas Are Active: Be Wary of the Signs

Spring is well underway, and summer is right around the corner. Pet parents know what that means: it’s flea season. Pests of all kinds run rampant in the warmer months, but one of the most prevalent

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What is Heartworm Doing to Your Poor Pup?

As a dog owner, you’re probably familiar with numerous intestinal parasites, such as the tapeworm or hookworm, but another common parasitic worm doesn’t affect your dog’s intestines—it affects its

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Feline Worms: Understanding One of the Most Common Cat Health Problems

When adopting a new cat, one of the first things recommended to pet owners is to have the cat dewormed if it hasn’t been already. Worms, those nasty little internal parasites, are one of the most

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Getting Familiar with Worms and How They Affect Your Pet's Health

Every pet owner has heard of worms—the often-microscopic parasites that infect your dog or cat and spread through eggs. What pet owners often don’t realize, though, is just how common worms are in

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Get Rid of the Fleas That Are Triggering Your Pet's Allergies

Few things have the power to frustrate pet owners like fleas do. These little critters can be the bane of your home and a nuisance to both you and your furry friend, causing everything from allergies

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