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Don't Share Your Picnic: Summer Foods Your Pets Shouldn't Eat

In the heat of summer, it’s likely you’ll find yourself at picnics and parties surrounded by friends, family and, of course, your furry friends. Nothing says summer like a barbeque, but it’s

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Poisoning in Dogs and What to Do if it Happens

Dogs have an impeccable ability to get into things—especially those that we don’t want them to. Whether puppy proofing was no match for your determined pup or something hazardous was left out by

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How Do I Stop My Dog from Eating Things It Shouldn't?

Dogs have a knack of getting into things they shouldn’t. Almost every dog owner around the world has exclaimed, “No! Don’t eat that!" to their pup at least once in its life.

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The Fine Art of How and When to Feed Your Dog

For our dogs, food might as well be the whole world. Our pups love food, so much so that they could eat all day if we let them, and they rarely pass up an opportunity to sneak a table scrap or two.

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Dogs and People Food: What's Safe and What Isn't?

Fido loves to beg for food, no matter what it is. While prepping dinner, opening a takeout box or munching on a savory snack or sweet treat, our dogs are most likely there at our sides, giving us

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Manual vs. Free Choice Feeding for Your Cat

In the wild, cats are natural hunters. A wild cat might hunt down and eat 10 small meals per day, filled with meat because of their carnivorous diets! When it comes to domesticated cats, though,

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