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Getting to the Bottom of What Kind of Allergies Your Dog is Experiencing

Allergies are one of the top causes of veterinary visits for dogs. Between environmental allergies, food allergies and allergies from flea bites, dogs are at risk of developing an uncomfortable group

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Understand Your Cat's Allergy Test Before Visiting the Vet

Allergies are a deceptively common ailment in household cats; it’s estimated that one in five cats have allergies. Cats can develop allergies to many different things over time. These may include

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Can Cats Experience Allergies in Winter?

It’s not always well-known that cats can experience allergy symptoms much like humans can. Sneezing, watery eyes, itching and other problems are actually quite common in our feline friends, and one

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Pet Allergies Aren't a Catchall and Require Different Treatments for Relief

If you’re someone who suffers from allergies, you know there are different triggers for them. You might avoid foods that contain wheat gluten or stay indoors on days when the pollen count is

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