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    How Seaweed Can Improve Your Pet's Wellness

    Owners love sharing pet-friendly foods with their fur babies. Many of the fruits and vegetables in your kitchen are safe for cats and dogs to eat in moderation. But one produce item that’s less common in pantries is seaweed. Not only is it safe for pets, but seaweed is also packed with a diverse range of nutrients that support the thyroid, heart, skin, immune system and more!

    Why So Many Cats End Up as Strays

    If you’re a proud cat parent, take a moment to appreciate the life you’ve given your little fur baby. They get all the food they want and snooze away the afternoon in their favorite sun spot. Your feline friend is one of the few lucky ones. Millions of stray cats will never experience the comfort of domestic life.

    What's in Your Dog's General Wellness Kit? And What Should Be!

    Pet parents have all the basics covered—food, toys, bedding and plenty of treats. However, these items are the bare minimum required to keep your dog happy and healthy. Pet parents need to consider the common ailments that befall every dog at some point in their life. From stress to minor aches and pains, dogs could use a little extra something to keep their health in top shape.

    How Much Exercise Does Your Dog's Breed Actually Need?

    A dog’s exercise regimen usually involves a daily walk and the occasional game of fetch. This might be enough for some dog breeds, but others need much more physical activity.

    April is Canine Fitness Month

    Grab your dog’s leash and Frisbee—April is the month to get up and get moving! In honor of Canine Fitness Month, take a moment to check in with your pup’s health. Are they trim and fit, or do they lounge on the couch all day? Regardless, now is a good time to try fun new activities that bolster your dog’s physical abilities and quality of life.

    5 Frequently Asked Questions About Puppies

    Puppy adoption is equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking. You want a new furry friend, but there’s still so much you don’t know. How do you train them? What medical procedures does a puppy need?

    How Will You Celebrate National Puppy & Cuddly Kitten Day?

    March 23rd is National Puppy and Cuddly Kitten Day! These two holidays are worth celebrating because they’re all about your littlest four-legged friends. Pet parents should love their fur babies every single day, but this day gives you the perfect opportunity to shower your pets with even more love and attention.

    Could Your Pet's Wellness be Found in this Common Weed?

    Dandelions are known as the gardener’s enemy. Try as they may, no one can seem to get rid of this resilient weed. The plant is so pervasive and frustrating, you may be shocked to hear some people grow dandelions on purpose! Dandelions aren’t merely a blight on gardens—these yellow beauties are a gold mine filled with disease-fighting nutrients for your pet.

    Best Ways to Keep Your Senior Pet in Good Physical Shape

    As the years go by, pet parents start to notice their pups lagging behind on walks. They can’t keep up with the younger dogs and become less inclined to exert themselves. Aging is a natural process that can limit your dog’s physical activity.

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