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    How Much Exercise Does Your Dog's Breed Actually Need?


    April is Canine Fitness Month

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    5 Frequently Asked Questions About Puppies

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    How Will You Celebrate National Puppy & Cuddly Kitten Day?

    March 23rd is National Puppy and Cuddly Kitten Day! These two holidays are worth celebrating because they’re all about your littlest four-legged friends. Pet parents should love their fur babies every single day, but this day gives you the perfect opportunity to shower your pets with even more love and attention.

    Could Your Pet's Wellness be Found in this Common Weed?

    Dandelions are known as the gardener’s enemy. Try as they may, no one can seem to get rid of this resilient weed. The plant is so pervasive and frustrating, you may be shocked to hear some people grow dandelions on purpose! Dandelions aren’t merely a blight on gardens—these yellow beauties are a gold mine filled with disease-fighting nutrients for your pet.

    Best Ways to Keep Your Senior Pet in Good Physical Shape

    As the years go by, pet parents start to notice their pups lagging behind on walks. They can’t keep up with the younger dogs and become less inclined to exert themselves. Aging is a natural process that can limit your dog’s physical activity.

    Is a Walk Enough Exercise for Your Dog?

    Dogs need anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours of daily exercise. How you spend that time will differ for each dog. Plenty of pups wear themselves out with two 15-minute walks each day. More active dogs might come back home still bursting with energy. Every dog needs a daily walk, but some need a lot more than that.

    Your Cat's Health from Tip to Tail

    At first glance, your cat may seem fine. They polish off every meal, play with their toys and act like their usual, pleasant self. But cats are masters of deception, and your fur baby might be in more discomfort than they want you to believe. Don’t wait until warning signs arise—take the initiative by incorporating preventative health measures for every part of their body.

    Wellness Tips to Change Your Pet's Life for the Better

    When it comes to boosting their pets’ health, pet owners aren’t always sure where to start. There’s so much information available, it’s hard to filter out the noise and focus on what matters the most.

    Rescue the Rescues Update: Kitsap Humane Society

    Making our first contact in the Pacific Northwest, Rescue the Rescues reached Kitsap Humane Society based in Silverdale, Washington. They depend upon the kindness and generosity of its community to find homes for homeless pets. 

    New Pet Wellbeing Chewables Are Coming in 2022

    Since our previous update, a lot of you have asked, “When will the new Chews be available?” We’re so excited that our extended pet family is keen to get their paws on our new Chews! Our goal is to have them ready for you and your pets by summer 2022.

    Rescue the Rescues Update: VOKRA Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association

    In our own backyard this time, we had the pleasure to finally connect with VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association). This time we got to make the donation in person to our fellow Vancouverites! Their awesome staff were so kind as to offer us a tour of their extensive facility including a shelter with specific areas for different cats’ needs and state-of-the-art- medical facilities.

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