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    Is Two Better Than One? The Pros and Cons of Adopting Multiple Cats

    If you’ve been considering adopting a cat, one of the most common pieces of advice you may have heard is “Adopt two! It’s so much better!” While there is logic behind adopting two cats simultaneously—especially ones from the same litter—there aren’t only benefits, leading some to question whether two is really better than one.

    As Your Pup Ages, Mental Stimulation is More Important Than Ever

    Exercising your dog’s brain is a crucial component of everyday care throughout your dog’s life. Mental stimulation helps puppies learn commands, tricks and more about their environment, and it helps adult dogs stay alert and stave off boredom, which can lead to anxiety and destruction.

    Prevent Outdoor Adventures From Increasing Your Dog's Risk of Worms

    With warmer temperatures comes more frequent trips outdoors, from the park to hiking trails to the wilderness. If you’re the type of dog owner who loves bringing Fido along for every outdoor excursion, you should know about the health risks that await.

    Keep Your Dog Cool as Temperatures Rise

    Summer temperatures are starting to appear, and for humans, that means more outdoor activities, pool or beach days and sunbathing. But for our furry friends, summer can be potentially dangerous, especially if they’re left in a situation in which the heat becomes too much for them.

    3 Tips to Help Your Teething Kitten Successfully Grow Adult Teeth

    Human children go through a teething process where they lose their “baby teeth” and grow in their adult teeth. While we are all familiar with this process, many people don’t realize that cats do a similar thing.

    Play Nice! Introducing Your Dog to the Dog Park for the First Time

    Off-leash dog parks are fun spaces for your dog to run around and play, meet and socialize with other dogs and just have a good time overall. They can also be fun places for owners, as well, giving you a chance to let your pup run free while playing games with it and chatting with other dog owners.

    The Curious Relationship Your Cat Has with Water

    It’s a common belief that cats and water don’t mix. Pet parents dread giving their cat a bath, cats hate getting sprayed with water from a spray bottle, and getting caught out in the rain with their cat is a pet parent’s worst nightmare.

    8 Things to Do if You Find a Lost Pet Outside Your Home

    Almost every pet parent fears the day when they open the door of their home or accidentally leave a backyard gate open and their beloved cat or dog darts out and runs away. In their panic, pets can wander quite far from their homes without any way of knowing how to return.

    Why Do Dogs Roll Around in Gross Stuff?

    Dogs seem to have a strange fascination with all things weird, smelly or downright distrusting. Not only do they love to sniff them or even eat them, but they sometimes do something even worse: They roll around in them.

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