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    Rescue the Rescues Update: SAVE Animal Shelter

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    Why Bright Ruffle Collars on Cats Are Better for Bird Safety

    It’s fascinating to watch our feline friends in their element. Cats are master hunters, pouncing on songbirds before they have a chance to escape. Pet parents might find it endearing, if not a little gross, to find hunted birds lying on their back porch. But while one dead bird may seem harmless, it’s not good to let your cat go bird hunting!

    Rescue the Rescues Update: Community Animal Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E)

    Community Animal Rescue Effort is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization with a mission to serve the communities of Chicago's North Shore by fostering and supporting healthy, positive relationships between people and companion animals. C.A.R.E. rehomes companion pets into safe, healthy, lifelong homes; serves as an educational and counseling resource; and works to reduce pet overpopulation. 

    Rescue the Rescues Update: Famous Fido Rescue & Adoption Alliance

    Based in the city of Chicago, Famous Fido Rescue & Adoption Alliance has saved thousands of animals in the last 30 years. They provide food, shelter, veterinary health-care, spaying, neutering, training, and adoption information to the community.

    Rescues the Rescues Update: Vanderpump Dogs Foundation

    Some may know her from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but we know Lisa Vanderpump for the amazing work her organization The Vanderpump Dog Foundation does to encourage more humane treatment for dogs worldwide and end dog meat practices in China.

    7 Ways to Make Your Dog's Kidneys Stronger

    It’s easy to forget about something you can’t see. Kidney health often escapes even the most devoted pet owners because they don’t think to address a problem until it becomes obvious.

    Pet Wellbeing Rescues the Rescues Update: The Milo Foundation

    Heading back to the great state of California, Pet Wellbeing connected with The Milo Foundation to support them with a supplement donation as they rehabilitate dogs and cats and offer sanctuary to those that are not adoptable.

    Pet Wellbeing Rescues the Rescues Update: Soi Dog Foundation

    We had the pleasure to donate to Soi Dog Foundation, a truly incredible organization saving street dogs (and cats!) in Phuket, Thailand. They have single handedly controlled the street animal population, rescued and rehabilitated countless cats and dogs, found homes through their adoption program or their own sanctuary, and advocated for animal rights across Asia.

    Pet Wellbeing Rescues the Rescues Donation Update: Sea Paws Rescue

    Pet Wellbeing is Rescuing the Rescues! Starting this summer, we have sent supplement donations to rescue organizations across North America to support the health & wellness of animals in need. We plan to share some of these organizations with our blog readers to spread the word and celebrate the good work they are doing.

    How to Put Your Pet on a Detox (and Why They’ll Thank You)

    There’s so much talk about how us humans can go on a detox. But did you know that our furry companions benefit from detoxes, too? Pets come in direct contact with harsh chemicals just as much as we do and could use a good cleanse every once in a while.

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