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    Rescues the Rescues Update: Vanderpump Dogs Foundation

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    7 Ways to Make Your Dog's Kidneys Stronger

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    Pet Wellbeing Rescues the Rescues Update: The Milo Foundation

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    Pet Wellbeing Rescues the Rescues Update: Soi Dog Foundation

    We had the pleasure to donate to Soi Dog Foundation, a truly incredible organization saving street dogs (and cats!) in Phuket, Thailand. They have single handedly controlled the street animal population, rescued and rehabilitated countless cats and dogs, found homes through their adoption program or their own sanctuary, and advocated for animal rights across Asia.

    Pet Wellbeing Rescues the Rescues Donation Update: Sea Paws Rescue

    Pet Wellbeing is Rescuing the Rescues! Starting this summer, we have sent supplement donations to rescue organizations across North America to support the health & wellness of animals in need. We plan to share some of these organizations with our blog readers to spread the word and celebrate the good work they are doing.

    How to Put Your Pet on a Detox (and Why They’ll Thank You)

    There’s so much talk about how us humans can go on a detox. But did you know that our furry companions benefit from detoxes, too? Pets come in direct contact with harsh chemicals just as much as we do and could use a good cleanse every once in a while.

    Could Your Cat Benefit from a Detox?

    Toxins are invisible, yet present everywhere we go. Outdoor cats are exposed to pesticides in the grass, and indoor cats come into contact with household cleaners that are packed with harsh chemicals. Even the organs in a cat’s body produce toxins! Cats are capable of eliminating these toxins all on their own, but a good detox will flush out all that gunk and give their organs a helping hand.

    4 Steps to Helping a Chubby Dog Lose Weight

    One day, you might look over at your pooch and realizing they’re looking a bit spherical around the midriff. Your dog isn’t alone in this—excessive weight gain is a problem that plagues more than half of domesticated canines. Lounging around the house combined with a few too many treats can easily pack on the pounds and lead to serious health consequences.

    How to Keep Your Recently Adopted Pet Healthy

    A lot more goes into owning a cat or dog than new pet parents realize. In addition to the basics like food, love and attention, a newly adopted pet needs preventative measures like spaying or neutering, vaccines, regular checkups, proper nutrition and more.

    Adopting a Cat? Get Prepared With These 8 Items

    With all the excitement that comes with adopting a cat, pet parents might easily forget to kitty-proof their living space first! Cats are pretty low-maintenance compared to dogs, but they still require a few basic necessities. Pet supplies like food, bedding, a cat carrier and supplements will set you up for success.

    7 Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

    Summer is a time for hikes, barbeques, swimming and fireworks. It’s only natural that dog lovers will want to bring their furry companions along for the ride. Unfortunately, for dogs, summer can also mean heartworms, sunburn and heat stroke.

    Pet Ailments: What to Monitor vs. What's an Emergency

    It’s late at night and you notice that your pet has vomited or is refusing to eat their food. If there’s no 24-hour vet clinic in your area, you may find yourself stressing out over your pet’s symptoms. But while certain symptoms are concerning, they don’t always signal an emergency.

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