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    How Long is it Okay to Leave a Pet Alone at Home?

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    5 Steps to Letting Your Cat Outside This Summer Without Worry

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    Exercises to Help Your Dog Cope with Arthritis

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    The Ultimate Guide to Flying with Dogs

    So you’ve decided to take a trip, and you plan to bring Fido with you. Whether by necessity or for fun, bringing dogs on an airplane isn’t always easy. Fortunately, preparation and planning can help make the process much easier for both you and your furry friend.

    Poisoning in Dogs and What to Do if it Happens

    Dogs have an impeccable ability to get into things—especially those that we don’t want them to. Whether puppy proofing was no match for your determined pup or something hazardous was left out by mistake, your dog may accidentally ingest something that is toxic to it.

    Be Cautious of Using These Essential Oils If You Have Pets!

    Essential oils have become extremely popular in recent years, with more and more people investing in oil rollerball applicators and essential oil diffusers to assist with a wide variety of ailments, clean their houses, help with stress relief and more. Essential oils are a popular component of holistic medicine.

    Managing Your Kitten's Excited Behavior While Keeping It Safe

    Anyone who has adopted a new kitten knows that they are a lot of work. Kittens tend to play intensely for short periods of time, followed by long naps to recharge. But, even though these bursts of energy are short, your kitten can get into a lot of trouble in that time.

    What is Pet Insurance and is It Something You Need?

    It’s no surprise that pets aren’t cheap. Between the necessities like food, litter, leashes and grooming supplies, and the many toys and treats we can’t help but pick up for furry friends, the costs of pet ownership add up.

    Must-Haves and Tips for Adopting A New Cat

    The time has come for you to expand your family and adopt a new cat: congratulations! Making the decision to adopt a kitten or cat is an exciting one, but it can also be a little nerve-wracking, especially if this is your first pet.

    What Did He Eat? Signs Your Dog Has Food Poisoning

    If you’ve ever had food poisoning, you know how miserable the condition can make you feel. But did you realize that dogs can get food poisoning, too? If your pup gets into food that’s going bad or that doesn’t play nice with its stomach, it might experience an unpleasant bout of sickness.

    When Is It Appropriate to Crate Train a Cat?

    When most pet parents think of crate training, they think of dogs. Cats tend to be more independent and typically don’t require crating for discipline, sleeping and other training activities.

    Getting a New Puppy or Kitten? Spay or Neuter for Their Safety!

    Getting a new puppy or kitten is an exciting thing. There is so much to do when you finally get to bring it home, from buying the essentials and toys to finding a new vet. One other thing you should make sure to do as soon as possible is have your new furry friend spayed or neutered.

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