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    8 Ways to Cut Pet Care Costs While Protecting Your Pet's Health

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    7 Ways to Help Your Lazy Kitty Move More

    General Wellbeing

    8 Ailments That Commonly Affect Large-Breed Dogs

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    Why Routine is One of the Best Ways to Care for Your Pet

    Most people follow routines in their daily life, whether in the morning, at night or during the workday. These routines provide stability day after day, week after week. In the same way humans like to follow routines, our furry friends do, too!

    Here's Exactly Why Your Pets Shouldn’t Interact with Strays

    No matter where you live, you’ve probably seen a stray animal or two wandering around your neighborhood. Whether they’re truly homeless or in between caretakers, these cats and dogs call the outdoors home. And, if you’re like most compassionate animal lovers, the temptation to care for strays can be difficult to fight.

    7 Reasons for Your Cat’s Unexplained Weight Loss

    One problem many cat owners are used to hearing about is excessive weight gain in their furry friends, largely due to overfeeding. But on the flip side, unexplained weight loss can be just as big of a problem. If your kitty is losing weight without being on a diet, it’s usually a sign of an underlying health issue.

    What You Should Know About Your Pup's Prescription Medication

    The world of prescription medication for pets is complex and often misunderstood. Some pet parents might believe prescription medications are harmful to pets, while others may think they’re the only way to treat health ailments. Truthfully, medications can both be lifesaving and come with side effects that you should be aware of.

    Understanding Your Dog's Four Major Life Stages


    From a puppy to a senior, your dog will experience a lot of changes, both physically and mentally, throughout their life. Pet owners should not only be aware of these changes, but they should also know how to best care for their pups at each stage of their lives, so they get the nutrition, exercise and stimulation they need.

    7 Things You Should Do for Your Pet Every Single Day

    Most pets are big fans of routine. They like being fed, walked and played with at the same time each day, and deviations from their routine might cause them stress. Thus, maintaining these routines can be good for their health!

    Sniffin' Around: Everything You Should Know About Your Dog's Nose

    Every dog owner knows how much dogs use their noses. At times, their impressive sense can even get frustrating, interrupting a walk with constant stops to sniff around. But there is much more to a dog’s nose and sense of smell than might meet the eye.

    Are ‘Cat Years’ Real? Understanding Your Cat's Life Stages

    People often talk about “dog years” when discussing their furry friends’ ages, but what about cat years? It’s understood that cats do not have the same life expectancy or aging process as a human does, but few understand how to tell when their feline friends have entered into a new life stage.

    7 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Vet

    Taking your pet to the vet can be a stressful endeavor. Enticing your pet into their carrier, keeping them calm during the ride and speaking with your vet about any possible health issues can make for an eventful day. During all the hustle and bustle, you might blank on some important things to discuss with your vet!

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