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Simple Ways to Keep Your Pup Feeling Great After a Trip to the Groomer

Your dog’s fur is one of the first things you probably notice about it, and it’s not hard to spot when a dog is looking disheveled or unkempt. Grooming is a necessary part of owning a dog. Not only does it help your pooch look beautiful, but routine grooming will make sure its fur, skin, teeth, nails and ears are kept in the best condition possible.

Your Cat's Excessive Shedding Can Be a Sign of Bigger Problems

Part of being a cat owner is knowing that if you wear dark clothing around your cat, it might not remain dark due to being covered in hair! Cats shed their fur—it’s just a fact. But what happens if you feel like the fur you are discovering around your home is too much to be normal?

Hairballs: Harmless or Harmful for Your Cat?

Most cat owners realize that cats spend a large portion of their day laying around and grooming themselves—and that’s just about it! With all that grooming, cat owners also realize that the occasional hairball is bound to appear on their floor every once in a while. It’s just something that happens with cats.

Is Your Cat Grooming Excessively?

Our feline friends spend a lot of time laying around, napping and grooming themselves. In fact, cats can spend up to 50 percent of their time licking and grooming, which is why many cat owners don’t bat an eye when their cat appears to be bathing itself all day long.

Boarding Your Dog for Vacation? Follow These Important Steps Before Booking!

Jetting off on a vacation is a dream come true for many pet owners. Unfortunately, your pooch will not be able to accompany you on all of your adventures, which means you’ll need to find a way to have them taken care of while you are away. If your family and friends are busy or unable to house your dog for the duration of your trip, you’ve probably settled on using a kennel.

Springtime Grooming is a Great Way to Combat Dog Skin Allergies

Springtime is the season of itching for many dogs. Between atopic and contact allergies, fleas and ticks, and a whole slew of other irritants, many dogs spend the spring months scratching vigorously to quell persistent itching. Skin allergies can get the best of your dog, making it hard for them to enjoy the fresh weather and the enjoyable outdoor activities that come with it.

Can I Give My Cat a Bath to Help Soothe its Allergies?

Just like humans can suffer from allergies, so can our feline friends. In fact, one in five cats are diagnosed with some sort of allergy, and many pet owners will discover these allergies during the spring season, when common springtime allergens bother not only the humans in the household but also their cats.

Shedding Happens! Ways to Reduce Pet Hair Around the House

It is almost inevitable and unavoidable that if you have pets, you will have varying degrees of animal fur at various times of the year! Shedding is a natural process so you cannot eliminate it entirely. Shedding happens, but take heart that in can be reduced!

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