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    4 Risks of High Blood Pressure in Cats

    In the same way that high blood pressure is dangerous for humans, it is dangerous for our furry friends. This condition has the potential to cause lasting damage to your cat’s health if it’s not addressed quickly.

    Jackson the Meagle and His Special Heart

    Jackson is also known as "Monkey”. When he was just a puppy this little Meagle was like a spider monkey. He would literally jump into his mom’s arms and start climbing all over her. Licking and giving a very excited, "let's play," look. When he wasn’t going 110% he could be found cuddling under a blanket to enjoy a nap and a belly rub. Then something happened and from one day to the next his super dog energy was gone. Clearly something was very wrong and heartbreaking in more ways than one!

    4 Life-Saving Steps to Rescue a Fainting Pet

    If you’ve ever been in the presence of someone fainting, you know how sudden and scary it can be. What’s even scarier is when it happens to your pet. Unlike humans—who can give you warning they’re about to pass out—animals often faint very suddenly when they’re under duress. Owners are instantly thrown into a panic. What happened? Is my pet okay? What caused them to faint?

    Give Your Pet's Heart Some Extra Love for American Heart Month

    February is American Heart Month—not only for people, but for our furry friends, too! Regardless of whether you live in or outside of the USA, take some extra time this month to focus on your furry friend’s heart health and begin to build healthy habits that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

    Learn How to Detect Your Cat's Heart Problem Early

    Heart disease is a dangerous and common health problem in cats. Unfortunately, due to cats’ ability to mask their pain, it’s not always easy to tell when something is wrong.

    Do You Know How to Care for a Dog with a Heart Condition?

    It can be scary and devastating to learn that your dog suffers from a dangerous heart condition like congestive heart failure. However, once you receive the diagnosis, another process begins: the routine care and management of your dog’s disease. For many pet parents, this process can be just as or even more challenging than handling the diagnosis itself.

    Just How Serious is Heartworm in Cats?

    One of the most commonly discussed dangers to pets is heartworm—a disease caused by parasitic worms that affect the heart, lungs and blood vessels of animals. Unlike worms that live in the gastrointestinal tract, heartworms find their way to your cat’s heart, blood vessels and lungs, where they can grow to around a foot long and cause damage. 

    What is Heartworm Doing to Your Poor Pup?

    As a dog owner, you’re probably familiar with numerous intestinal parasites, such as the tapeworm or hookworm, but another common parasitic worm doesn’t affect your dog’s intestines—it affects its heart and lungs.

    Your Cat’s Eye Problems May Be Linked to High Blood Pressure

    Cats are known for staring at their owners with wide, unblinking eyes. The amount of time we spend looking at our cat’s eyes each day might shock you, but it also makes it easier to spot problems. Eye issues, such as infections, swelling or hemorrhaging are usually pretty obvious and can be a tell-tale sign of a more serious, underlying health concern.

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