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    Do Pets Like Mushroom Supplements?


    Why Spring is the Most Important Season for Your Allergic Pup's Immune System


    Reishi Mushrooms and Your Pet's Health

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    Which Cats Benefit Most from Immune Support?

    The average adult cat has a healthy immune system. If a cat gets sick, they can take it in stride and make a speedy recovery. However, not all cats are that lucky. Factors like age, chronic illness and medical history play a role in determining which cats need more help than others.

    3 Common Autoimmune Diseases in Dogs

    Pet parents will do everything in their power to keep their pups safe and healthy. Unfortunately, despite the annual checkups, vaccines, balanced diet and regular exercise, some dogs inevitably fall ill with an autoimmune disease. These diseases lead your pup’s body to damage itself, and they can have devastating consequences if they aren’t treated.

    Add Core Immune Care for Your Pet's Daily Antioxidant Support

    Our antioxidant formula is for pets of all ages, supporting the body's immune system to deal with normal, cellular repair that needs to happen every day for a healthy, energetic life. This is a well-balanced antioxidant formula that can be given to your pet every day, sprinkled on his or her food.

    What Exactly Is FIV and Why Is It So Dangerous for Cats?

    There are a few diseases that every cat owner has heard of and has been warned against at veterinary appointments. Most of these have vaccines to protect kitties—feline herpesvirus and rabies to name a few. But one severe virus, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), does not have a vaccine and has the potential to cause lasting damage in unprotected cats.

    Why It's So Important to Protect Your Cat Against FeLV


    During your cat’s routine veterinary visits, your vet has probably recommended a vaccine against feline leukemia virus, or FeLV. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand what FeLV actually is and why it’s so harmful to our feline friends.

    Your Cat's Runny Nose May Be a Sign of Cat Flu

    Everyone gets a runny nose now and then, even our cats. But if you notice your cat’s nose leaking clear—or even yellow or green—discharge quite often, something is probably going on with its health.

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