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    How to Spot a Bacterial Claw Infection Before It Gets Bad


    Warbles Infection in Cats: How Rodent Hunters Become Unwitting Hosts!


    Why You Need to Catch Your Cat's Yeast Infection Early

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    Bacterial Infections in Dogs: Understanding MRSA and MRSP

    Just like humans, dogs are susceptible to infections caused by harmful bacteria. Millions of bacteria exist in and on your dog’s body, but an overgrowth of one type in particular could lead to health problems. In many cases, these infections can be treated easily with a combination of your pet’s immune system and an antibiotic medication—but not always.

    Do This Immediately if Your Pup Suffers from a Dog Bite!


    It’s every dog parent’s nightmare: You’re at the park with your pup having a good time when a scuffle between your dog and another breaks out, leaving your dog with a bite. Not only are dog bites painful for your pooch, they’re also extremely scary when you don’t know the other animal.

    How Unchecked Infections Can Lead to Pneumonia in Your Pup

    Pneumonia is a scary condition for our furry friends to experience. Your normally energetic pup might find themselves unable to breathe easily without wheezing or coughing. But beyond discomfort, pneumonia can be life threatening in dogs if it’s untreated for too long.

    How to Identify and Treat an Abscess in Your Cat

    If you own more than one cat, you’ve likely had to break up your fair share of kitty skirmishes. When the claws come out, your cats are at risk of sustaining an injury. Unfortunately, what may seem like a harmless scratch can fester until it becomes an abscess. If left untreated, this type of wound can spread and turn into a much bigger problem.

    Learn How to Treat These 4 Common Eye Problems in Dogs

    If you’ve ever caught a fleck of dust in your eye or accidentally touched your eyes with an irritant on your hand, you know how agonizing it can be. You might spend all day dabbing tears away, putting in eyedrops or rinsing your eye. For some, it means taking out contacts and wearing glasses for the day. A dog can’t do these things, and it’s often surprising to pet owners that, just like you, your dog can suffer from irritating eye problems. 

    This Breathing Issue Can Be Life-Threatening for Cats

    Although cats do not get common colds like humans, they can suffer from upper respiratory illnesses that, when left untreated, can progress and lead to feline pneumonia. While pneumonia in cats is relatively rare, the consequences of inaction could be grievous.

    These Changes to Your Cat's Paw Might Indicate a Serious Infection


    Cats don’t get the luxury of wearing shoes like humans do—nor would they want to! Our feline friends use their nimble paws and claws to walk, run, climb and leap around the home and find their delicate footing. Unfortunately, their paws’ exposure to indoor and outdoor hazards leaves them vulnerable to wounds and infections.

    Is All That Scratching from an Ear Infection or Mites?

    Ear problems are somewhat common in cats and are generally easy to spot. If your cat is constantly pawing or scratching at their ear, shaking their head and acting otherwise unwell, there’s a pretty good chance that something is going on in their ears.

    Learn the Top Signs of Feline Ear Infections

    When it comes to ear infections, dogs are the usual suspects. Their floppy ears tend to trap water after swimming or fungi and cause gross infections that are itchy and uncomfortable. But cats get ear infections too—just not as often. Learn how to spot an ear infection and get the right help as early as possible before it gets worse.

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