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    Understanding Feline Herpesvirus (FHV) and How it Affects Your Cat


    Found a Cut or Scrape on Your Pup? Treat It at Home!


    Ringworm: The Contagious Infection You Don't Want Your Dog to Catch

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    What is Causing My Cat's Skin Infections?

    When we pet our cats, we expect their fur and skin to feel soft and smooth, so it can be very alarming to suddenly discover a rough, inflamed, bumpy or oozing section of skin.

    Why It's So Important to Keep Your Pup's Immune System in Good Shape

    As humans, we do a lot of things to keep ourselves healthy. We visit the doctor regularly, eat balanced meals, take vitamins, sleep well and much more. But as dog owners, it’s our responsibility to make sure we’re bolstering our pups’ immune systems, too.

    Is Your Kitty Sneezing from Allergies, or Something More Serious?

    Around this time of year, spring blooms are in full swing, windows are open, and more people are enjoying the fresh air. Unfortunately, this also means seasonal allergies are more common, in both people and their pets.

    Identifying the Signs of a Skin Infection on Your Dog

    Just like humans, dogs have thousands of microscopic bacteria and fungi living on their skin. These microorganisms are perfectly normal and are often necessary for optimal health. However, sometimes they can overgrow and cause problems like infections.

    Have You Ever Wondered Why A Cat Scratch Itches and Swells?


    If you own a cat, you know that scratches can happen when you least expect it. They might be accidents, such as when your cat’s rear claws scratch your legs when it leaps off of your lap, or they could be intentional, often a product of your cat feeling stressed and needing to protect itself by clawing.

    Does Your Pooch Get Nosebleeds? Understanding Epistaxis

    If you’ve ever seen your dog run up to you with blood dripping from its face, you know how scary this experience can be. The source of the bleeding may be a cut or scratch on the head, but it could also be from another problem: a nosebleed. Much like in humans, dogs can experience nosebleeds from time to time.

    Avoiding Parvovirus: Keeping Your Puppy Safe From the Deadly Virus

    It’s every pet owner’s nightmare: your happy, playful puppy suddenly falls ill and requires intense veterinary treatment. Unfortunately, this scenario is a reality for far too many dog owners because of canine parvovirus, or parvo.

    4 Dangerous Types Of Bacteria You Could Catch From Your Dog

    Most dogs show love by licking their owners, a timeless act of affection that is almost never rejected. Even people who are particularly concerned about hygiene see nothing wrong with their pets licking their face or body. But this is 2017, and countless practices that were thought to be harmless are now being exposed for the many risks they present. This includes a lick or a bite from your dog, which has the potential to pass on numerous species of hazardous bacteria.

    Pet Food Allergies? Try Supplementing with Health Fats

    You may have heard that essential fatty acids (EFA’s) are important for your pet's wellbeing. Especially, omega fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory and are both safe and effective to help with pet food allergies!

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