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    Does Your Pooch Get Nosebleeds? Understanding Epistaxis

    If you’ve ever seen your dog run up to you with blood dripping from its face, you know how scary this experience can be. The source of the bleeding may be a cut or scratch on the head, but it could also be from another problem: a nosebleed. Much like in humans, dogs can experience nosebleeds from time to time.

    Common Reasons Your Dog Might be Limping

    Limping is never a good sign, and it may be easy to feel worried or distressed when signs of limping begin to show in your beloved companion dog. While a veterinarian visit is most likely inevitable, you may want or need more information before making the decision to take your dog in for medical attention. The more you know about your dog’s limping, the easier the veterinarian’s job will be in order to start the process of diagnosis and treatment.

    Recognize Paw Pad Injuries and Prevent Them Getting Worse

    Both you and your pooch love going for runs and walks outside, playing in the yard or chasing each other around the house. All that leaping and bounding is supported by your dog’s paw pads—the cushiony parts of your dog’s feet.

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