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Exercises to Help Your Dog Cope with Arthritis

Just like in humans, our four-legged friends can develop the painful condition that is arthritis. Inflamed, painful joints force our pups to slow down and move with caution. Arthritis may even make

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Making Special Considerations for Your Senior Cat: 5 Simple Ways to Keep Them Comfortable

Your relationship with your cat only gets better with time! You spend years bonding—playing, petting and snuggling—as your cat becomes an integral part of your life. After years and years, your bond

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What’s a Good Exercise Plan For My Pet Suffering From Joint Pains?

Just like people, dogs age. It’s a fact of life. They grow silver and white hair; they become stiff in the joints and slow in their steps; they experience pain; they get crabby and moody; and they

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Making Joint Pain and Arthritis More Manageable for Your Older Dog

For many dogs, their years of running, leaping, bounding and rolling around take a toll on their bodies, specifically their joints. As they age, previously-active dogs may become sluggish, lethargic,

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