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    Cat lost to kidney disease lives in mom's heart

    I have great things to say about your Kidney Support Gold treatment for cats. I got my Ella Bella from a friend when she was 10 years old. In January 2016, she turned 16. She is a beautiful, loving orange cat with a little bit of white.
    In March 2015, she became ill with kidney disease and was given only two months to live.  I searched the internet and came upon Pet Wellbeing website and ordered Kidney Support Gold for her.  With meds from the vet and  Kidney Support Gold, she was able to get off the daily fluid injections.

    Understanding Kidney Disease in Dogs

    Kidney disease, also known as renal (or kidney) dysfunction, insufficiency, or failure, is a fairly common condition in dogs. The kidneys are hard-working organs that contribute to the normal function of many bodily processes, a few of which are:

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