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    Daisy the Greyhound Finds Life Again After Kidney Disease


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    7 Ways to Make Your Dog's Kidneys Stronger

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    Could Your Cat Benefit from a Detox?

    Toxins are invisible, yet present everywhere we go. Outdoor cats are exposed to pesticides in the grass, and indoor cats come into contact with household cleaners that are packed with harsh chemicals. Even the organs in a cat’s body produce toxins! Cats are capable of eliminating these toxins all on their own, but a good detox will flush out all that gunk and give their organs a helping hand.

    6 Natural Ways to Protect Your Cat's Kidneys

    Kidney health sometimes comes as an afterthought to cat parents. Only when something goes wrong do owners tend to take notice. However, by the time your vet detects a problem with your cat’s kidneys, damage has already begun. Your kitty’s best defense against chronic kidney disease is prevention with help of a couple of natural remedies.

    4 Signs of End-Stage Kidney Failure in Cats

    Old age brings with it a greater chance of developing health problems. One of the most common diseases among senior cats is chronic kidney disease. Unfortunately, kidney disease does not have a cure, and your cat may ultimately face end-stage kidney failure.

    This is How Dogs Get Kidney Stones (and What You Can Do About It)

    Humans aren’t the only ones who get kidney stones. Dogs can suffer from them, too! But what’s worse than dog owners going through it themselves is watching their beloved pups endure the pain.

    How to Use Nutrition to Manage Your Cat's Kidney Disease

    Chronic kidney disease is one of the most common health problems seen in older cats. After many years, the kidneys slowly degrade and aren’t capable of functioning like they used to. Once this degradation becomes noticeable, it’s our job as cat owners to support our feline friends’ kidneys for optimal performance. One way to do this is through diet.

    Studying the Effects of Kidney Support Gold on Cats with Kidney Insufficiency

    While there is a number of anecdotal reports regarding the effectiveness of herbal ingredients in treating humans with kidney disease, much more research is needed to support the use of these supplements in cats and dogs, as kidney insufficiency shows up frequently in elderly pets.

    Everything You Wanted to Know About Kidney Disease in Dogs

    It’s no surprise to any pet owner that as our dogs age they become more susceptible to a range of diseases and disorders. A common tragic disease most common to senior dogs is found in the kidneys. It is estimated that kidney disease will affect 10% of dogs at some point in their lives. Kidney disease can come on slowly or it can strike all at once. How it happens can depend on your dog’s general health, age, and some severe environmental factors.  

    Learn the Differences Between Acute & Chronic Kidney Failure in Dogs

    The kidneys are crucial to your dog’s overall health. Unfortunately, like all parts of the body, they are subject to damage and deterioration over time. Kidney, or renal, failure is a common health problem in dogs and is often the final stage of kidney disease or other ailments that overwork the kidneys.

    How Do You Know When Your Dog Needs a Detox?

    Think about the daily routine of your dogs. They go for walks, roll in the grass, chew on toys, and eat practically everything—whether it’s edible or not. Such activities are part of a typical day for dogs, and pet owners don’t give it much thought.

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