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    Why is Liver Health so Important to Your Dog’s Digestion?


    Is Liver Safe for Cats and Dogs?


    Liver Problems Could be Responsible for Your Cat's Delicate Tummy

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    Could Your Cat Benefit from a Detox?

    Toxins are invisible, yet present everywhere we go. Outdoor cats are exposed to pesticides in the grass, and indoor cats come into contact with household cleaners that are packed with harsh chemicals. Even the organs in a cat’s body produce toxins! Cats are capable of eliminating these toxins all on their own, but a good detox will flush out all that gunk and give their organs a helping hand.

    5 Signs and Symptoms of Fatty Liver Disease in Cats

    A cat owner might notice one day that their furry friend is looking a bit trimmer than usual. Upon inspecting the food bowl, they’ll discover it’s been practically untouched. If you’ve noticed similar behaviors, your cat might not be just a picky eater. Anorexia and weight loss are actually some of the many symptoms associated with the all-too-common condition called fatty liver disease.

    6 Natural Tips to Protect Your Pet's Liver


    Pet owners tend to focus on ailments they can see. It’s easy to know when a cat or dog has a scratch, limp or wound. Unseen things like liver health deserve the same amount of attention, but they often go neglected until serious internal damage makes itself known.

    6 Major Causes of Liver Disease in Dogs

    Your dog’s liver performs over 1,500 functions, including detoxifying blood, metabolizing energy, regulating hormones, processing medications, storing nutrients, assisting in digestion and removing wastes from the body. Because of how important this organ is, if the liver isn’t functioning properly, your dog’s body can shut down, leading to death.

    How Do You Know When Your Dog Needs a Detox?

    Think about the daily routine of your dogs. They go for walks, roll in the grass, chew on toys, and eat practically everything—whether it’s edible or not. Such activities are part of a typical day for dogs, and pet owners don’t give it much thought.

    Catch Liver Disease Early to Save Your Dog's Life

    All pet diseases are best caught early. Early detection ensures that your dog gets the proper treatment right away to help the body heal and overcome illness. Sometimes, treatment is able to cure the ailment; in other cases, it can at least prevent the disease from worsening.

    Identifying Seizures in Cats and How to Act When One Occurs

    Cats do a lot of weird things with their bodies. They twist and wriggle, they roll around on the floor, they twitch and shake. But how can you tell whether these things are normal and safe or dangerous and indicative of a larger problem?

    Watch Your Low-Appetite Cat for Signs of Fatty Liver Disease

    One of the warning signs cat owners are taught to look for in a sick cat is a lack of appetite.

    Understanding Liver Disease in Cats

    The liver, the largest organ in a cats body, is located just behind her diaphragm. It performs a huge number of tasks in the body. Some of these important jobs are:

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