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    Can Dog Hypothyroidism be Managed Through Diet?

    Older dogs aren’t the spry young pups they used to be. Every dog will reach a point where they begin to take life at a slower pace, trading energetic play time for long snoozes on the couch. However, pet parents must be able to tell the difference between low energy and lethargy. If your middle-aged dog experiences lethargy alongside symptoms like hair loss and weight gain, there’s a good chance they’re actually living with hypothyroidism.

    The Link Between Antioxidants and Brain Health in Dogs

    Any pet parent can tell when a pup is approaching their senior years. They look a bit gray in the snout, and long hikes through the woods become increasingly difficult. But these aren’t the only signs of old age. Senior dogs might begin to act peculiar, often staring at blank walls or howling at odd hours of the night. In some cases, this could signal the onset of cognitive dysfunction syndrome.

    When Can Sweet Snacks Be Poisonous to Your Dog?

    Pet parents are all too familiar with puppy-dog eyes. Your pup might come sauntering over, hoping to snag a bite of that chocolate chip cookie or a piece of candy you’re snacking on. For their own safety, it’s important that you don’t give in to their begging! Many sweet snacks contain ingredients that are highly toxic to your furry friend.

    Can Antioxidants Protect Pets Against Cancer?

    You’ve probably heard that antioxidants are part of a healthy, balanced diet. Humans aren’t the only ones who need antioxidants, though—our furry companions benefit from their healing powers, too.

    8 Feeding Tips to Establish a Healthy Dog Diet

    A dog’s stomach is a seemingly bottomless pit always searching for more food. Owners have learned the hard way to not leave their dinner plates unattended or forget to reseal the kibble bag. If dogs had it their way, they’d eat whatever and however much they want!

    4 Tips to Help Your Puppy Develop Good Digestive Health

    The popular saying goes, “You are what you eat.” The same can be said for a puppy’s digestive system! Low-fat proteins and good bacteria lead to a healthy gut, while the opposite can have disastrous results on your pup’s health as they age.

    Can Food Improve Your Dog's Cognitive Health?

    In their puppy years, dogs need plenty of stimulation and attention. As they age, it’s even more important to maintain your dog’s cognitive health. Like humans, dogs can experience cognitive decline in their later years, and you might notice they’re more lethargic and less prone to excitement. While all dogs tend to slow down a bit in their senior years, there are ways to prevent cognitive issues—like cognitive dysfunction syndrome—from affecting them. One of the main ones is through their diet.

    How Nutrition Can Help Manage Your Cat's Hyperthyroidism

    Feline hyperthyroidism—an abundance of thyroid hormone in a cat’s body—is a relatively common condition that causes behavioral and health changes in our furry friends. One of the ways pet parents spot this condition in their cats is by noticing their kitty’s ravenous appetite and persistent begging. But aside from being an indicator of illness, food can also be part of your hyperthyroid cat’s treatment plan.

    How to Manage Your Dog's Pancreatitis Through Diet

    Pancreatitis is often a scary and abrupt problem for dogs and their owners to experience. One moment, your pup is happily chowing down on some food, and the next, they might be doubled over in pain, vomiting and lethargic.

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