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    Do I Need To Change My Pet's Diet in the Summertime?


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    Could You Be Overfeeding Your Cat (and Not Know It)?

    Every cat has different nutritional needs. For instance, a growing kitten will need to eat a lot more than a sluggish senior cat. Unfortunately, many pet parents have no clue how much to feed their cats. As a result, the portion sizes are total guesswork. Some pet parents might dump a heaping pile of kibble in the food bowl and call it a day!

    Why Omega 3s Are a Must-Have in Any Pet's Healthy Diet

    Pet parents often wonder if commercial pet food is enough to satisfy their four-legged friend’s nutritional needs. Some pet diets need to be supplemented with other healthy sources of nutrients. For instance, omega-3 fatty acids are a great addition to your pet’s meals. Commonly found in fish oil, omega 3s offer a variety of health benefits, from shiny coats to a healthier heart.

    Superfoods for Pets! How These Nutrients Benefit Our Furry Friends


    Pets grow tired of eating the same old kibble day in and day out. Even if you choose a nutritious commercial food, cats and dogs can benefit from eating whole fruits and vegetables. As it turns out, a lot of the fresh produce in your fridge is not only safe for pets but beneficial to them, as well! Pets can even have many superfoods, which have earned their name due to being rich in nutrients.

    Navigating Food Allergies for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

    Persistent itchiness and diarrhea are vague symptoms that puzzle many pet parents. They attempt to make their pups feel better by switching to a different food, but become even more puzzled when these symptoms persist. It’s clear something is wrong with your dog’s diet, but you can’t figure out what!

    Hidden Reasons Why Processed Pet Foods Are So Addictive

    Pet parents are often left wondering why their four-legged friends get so excited about eating brown, bad-smelling pellets. The evolving pet food industry has found that animals will eat almost anything as long as it smells and tastes good—even if the ingredients are unsavory!

    5 Healthy Homemade Recipes Your Pet Will Love

    If you’re like most pet parents, you’re tired of scanning the long list of ingredients that are hard to pronounce on commercial food packaging. Pet food manufacturers make eating healthy a lot more difficult than it needs to be for our furry friends. Pets can—and should—eat a lot of the whole foods normally reserved for the human household members.

    Can Dog Hypothyroidism be Managed Through Diet?

    Older dogs aren’t the spry young pups they used to be. Every dog will reach a point where they begin to take life at a slower pace, trading energetic play time for long snoozes on the couch. However, pet parents must be able to tell the difference between low energy and lethargy. If your middle-aged dog experiences lethargy alongside symptoms like hair loss and weight gain, there’s a good chance they’re actually living with hypothyroidism.

    The Link Between Antioxidants and Brain Health in Dogs

    Any pet parent can tell when a pup is approaching their senior years. They look a bit gray in the snout, and long hikes through the woods become increasingly difficult. But these aren’t the only signs of old age. Senior dogs might begin to act peculiar, often staring at blank walls or howling at odd hours of the night. In some cases, this could signal the onset of cognitive dysfunction syndrome.

    When Can Sweet Snacks Be Poisonous to Your Dog?

    Pet parents are all too familiar with puppy-dog eyes. Your pup might come sauntering over, hoping to snag a bite of that chocolate chip cookie or a piece of candy you’re snacking on. For their own safety, it’s important that you don’t give in to their begging! Many sweet snacks contain ingredients that are highly toxic to your furry friend.

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