Oral Hygiene

    Watch Your Cat for this Painful Tooth Problem

    Oral Hygiene

    Recognizing and Treating Mouth Pain in Cats

    Oral Hygiene

    What Should You Do If Your Cat Loses a Tooth?

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    Help Your Teething Puppy Grow Their Adult Teeth

    At some point, dog owners may notice that their new pups are acting strange. It seems as if, all of a sudden, they’ve decided to chew up everything in the house! Rest assured, your puppy isn’t simply acting out. Puppies need objects to chew on while they teethe.

    Oral Health Problems Might Lead to This Throat Issue in Dogs

    One untreated health problem often leads into the next, both in humans and in pets. When dogs begin to develop symptoms of a certain disease, their owners might be surprised to learn the real issue isn’t what they expected at all. One common example is the link between periodontal disease and tonsillitis.

    How to Care for Your Cat's Teeth Without Brushing

    Keeping your cat’s teeth and gums healthy is important no matter how old they are. Unfortunately, our feline friends aren’t fond of having a toothbrush and gel used in their mouths. If your kitty refuses to let you brush their teeth, all hope isn’t lost for their oral health! There are a few other methods you can use to protect their teeth.

    Do Your Dog's Gums Look Normal? Here's How to Tell

    When is the last time you took a peek under your pup’s lips? You dog’s gums—the tissue that surrounds their teeth—might not be the first place you look if your dog is acting strangely, but they can tell you a surprising amount about your dog’s health!

    Give Your Pup the Gift of Great Oral Health


    The holidays are all about showing your friends and family how much you love them, and one way you might do that is through thoughtful gifts. While you might purchase fun or amusing items for your human companions, one of the best ways to show your furry friend you love them is to give them the gift of great health. Oral health, in particular, is one area that deserves extra-special attention.

    Do Dental Treats Actually Work for Dogs?

    Pet oral hygiene is just as important for pets as it is for people. Like humans, dogs are susceptible to plaque buildup and tooth decay if their teeth aren’t taken care of throughout their lives. Unfortunately, brushing a dog’s teeth isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds.

    Could That Be Juvenile Gingivitis in Your Kitten?

    It’s well known that cats are susceptible to dental health problems like gingivitis and periodontal disease. But in most cases, these issues are found in older cats after years of neglected oral hygiene. This is why it can be so concerning for pet parents to identify signs of gum disease in a young kitten.

    Your Cat's Bad Breath May Be the Start of Something Worse

    Many pet owners are familiar with being woken up by their cat resting on their chest or licking their face. Cats don’t always have a sense of boundaries, which gives us owners the less-than-pleasant opportunity to get a whiff of their stinky tuna breath.

    3 Tips to Help Your Teething Kitten Successfully Grow Adult Teeth

    Human children go through a teething process where they lose their “baby teeth” and grow in their adult teeth. While we are all familiar with this process, many people don’t realize that cats do a similar thing.

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