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    Could That Be Juvenile Gingivitis in Your Kitten?

    Oral Hygiene

    Your Cat's Bad Breath May Be the Start of Something Worse

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    Causes and Remedies for Your Kitty's Stinky Breath

    Cat’s don’t always understand the concept of personal space, meaning you’re often subjected to a face full of stinky cat breath. While you can’t expect your kitty’s breath to smell like flowers, its breath should not be completely intolerable, either.

    Your Pet's Tooth Decay Affects More Than Just the Mouth

    Every pet owner knows that it’s hard to keep their pet’s pearly whites pearly-white for very long. Routine brushing can be a battle with fussy dogs and cats, and bacterial growth seems to be constant. However, without proper oral hygiene, your pet could face a painful and potentially-devastating disease.

    Can You Brush a Cat's Teeth?

    Oral hygiene is a priority for most pet owners—most of us brush our teeth twice a day to minimize the risk of cavities and gum disease. Despite this being part of our everyday routine, a lot of pet owners fail to also keep up with their pet’s oral hygiene.

    Common Issues Arising from Poor Canine Oral Health

    We all grew up being taught to brush our teeth twice a day to prevent the buildup of plaque and fight off cavities. Dental hygiene is second nature to many adults. But with this information instilled in our brain, how is it that we often forget to take care of another important set of teeth: our dogs?

    Pet Dental Care - A Guide to Pet Oral Health

    It’s 3 a.m. Pet Parent--do you know where your best friend is? Speculation doesn’t last very long. You roll over to be greeted by a smell that’s beyond description—bad breath emanating from Tuna’s or Bandit’s mouth. You know that your fur-suited kid needs a vet. Perhaps you’ve known this for an embarrassingly long time, yet you've avoided facing dental problems in cats or dental problems in dogs because you're in denial. Bad pet owner! It's time to change your ways and take pet dental care seriously. As your mouth-breather blissfully snoozes beside your pillow, make a mental note to call the vet first thing in the morning. Sure, you’ve said it before, but this time, draw a line in the litterbox sand!

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