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    Oral Hygiene

    Do Dental Treats Actually Work for Dogs?

    Oral Hygiene

    Could That Be Juvenile Gingivitis in Your Kitten?

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    Your Cat's Bad Breath May Be the Start of Something Worse

    Many pet owners are familiar with being woken up by their cat resting on their chest or licking their face. Cats don’t always have a sense of boundaries, which gives us owners the less-than-pleasant opportunity to get a whiff of their stinky tuna breath.

    3 Tips to Help Your Teething Kitten Successfully Grow Adult Teeth

    Human children go through a teething process where they lose their “baby teeth” and grow in their adult teeth. While we are all familiar with this process, many people don’t realize that cats do a similar thing.

    Causes and Remedies for Your Kitty's Stinky Breath

    Cat’s don’t always understand the concept of personal space, meaning you’re often subjected to a face full of stinky cat breath. While you can’t expect your kitty’s breath to smell like flowers, its breath should not be completely intolerable, either.

    Your Pet's Tooth Decay Affects More Than Just the Mouth

    Every pet owner knows that it’s hard to keep their pet’s pearly whites pearly-white for very long. Routine brushing can be a battle with fussy dogs and cats, and bacterial growth seems to be constant. However, without proper oral hygiene, your pet could face a painful and potentially-devastating disease.

    Can You Brush a Cat's Teeth?

    Oral hygiene is a priority for most pet owners. We brush our teeth twice a day to minimize the risk of cavities and gum disease. But even though dental care is part of our everyday routine, a lot of pet owners fail to keep up with their cat’s oral hygiene. If you own a cat, you’ve probably noticed its stinky “tuna breath” and wondered if there was something to be done about it. As it turns out, there is! You can—and should—brush your cat’s teeth just like you brush your own.

    Common Issues Arising from Poor Canine Oral Health

    We all grew up being taught to brush our teeth twice a day to prevent the buildup of plaque and fight off cavities. Dental hygiene is second nature to many adults. But with this information instilled in our brain, how is it that we often forget to take care of another important set of teeth: our dogs?

    Your Ultimate Guide to Pet Dental & Oral Health

    Table of Contents

    To pet owners, a dog’s or cat’s mouth is a world of mystery. Thanks to bad breath and squirmy behavior, most pet parents don’t know much about what’s going on between their furry friend’s jaws. But pet dental health is extremely important—not just for their teeth but for their entire body! It’s up to us to make sure our dog’s and cat’s teeth, gums and oral cavities are healthy and strong. If you’ve been neglecting your pet’s oral health, now’s the time to get started.

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