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    5 Common Cat Tail Injuries and How to Spot Them

    Cats are inquisitive creatures. Unfortunately, their curiosity sometimes gets them into situations where they end up injured. Cat tail injuries, in particular, are quite common among the feline community.

    5 Symptoms of Colic in Dogs and How to Address Them

    You may have heard of colic in babies, which causes them to cry and fuss for hours at a time without any obvious reason. But did you know that dogs can experience colic too? The main difference, however, is that canine colic usually has an identifiable cause.

    Do This Immediately if Your Pup Suffers from a Dog Bite!


    It’s every dog parent’s nightmare: You’re at the park with your pup having a good time when a scuffle between your dog and another breaks out, leaving your dog with a bite. Not only are dog bites painful for your pooch, they’re also extremely scary when you don’t know the other animal.

    Caring for A Cat with a Broken Bone

    Cats are often thought to be graceful and coordinated, and many people mistakenly believe that cats always land on their feet. However, like all animals, cats are susceptible to major injuries from falls or accidents, including broken bones.

    This is Why Detecting Your Pet's Illness Can Be Difficult

    If you were to ask the average pet owner how they would know if their furry friend was feeling sick or in pain, they might not be able to tell you. Some pet owners might provide more obvious answers, like seeing a change in their stool or noticing their pet is limping, but if not for those signs, they might not be able to tell. It’s no wonder that so many pet illnesses fly under the radar until an annual exam or a significant disease progresses with more easily identified symptoms.

    Caring for a Cat After a Traumatic Injury

    Pet owners want to give their kitty a safe home full of love. But sometimes, cats get into all sorts of mischief while you’re not looking. You can’t account for every little accident that might happen. They’re bound to take a tumble at some point.

    Pricked and Poked for Health: What is Veterinary Acupuncture?

    Acupuncture, the use of strategically placed needles on the body, is a popular treatment used by humans to assist in pain relief and relaxation. But did you know that this practice can also be used on our four-legged friends?

    Why Kitty Eyes Are More Prone to Injury in Multi-Cat Households

    Eye injuries can happen to all cats at some point. Some get injured by a rogue substance, like dirt, getting in their eye. Others may run into something that scratches the eye’s surface or goes even deeper. But in multi-cat households, eye injuries are much more common.

    Reduce Chronic Inflammation in Your Dog with These Tips

    Much like in humans, chronic inflammation is a problem that can lead to health complications in our furry, four-legged counterparts. Although inflammatory immune responses are normal, chronic inflammation is not, and mitigating it starting when your pet is young may help them live a longer and more comfortable life.

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