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    How to Best Care for an Indoor-Outdoor Cat

    Your cat stares longingly out the window, hoping to one day explore the outside world. Pet parents often find that transitioning their cats to an indoor-outdoor lifestyle is far more enriching than keeping them cooped up in the house. A romp through the neighborhood can give your kitty some much-needed independence.

    Include Pets Into Your Family's Fire Safety Plan!

    Most families have a good idea of what to do if a fire breaks out. But what about your four-legged family members? Your furry friend doesn’t know the protocol for escaping a house fire. Pets panic in the face of danger, so it’s your job to lead them to safety.

    Your Guide to Introducing a New Kitten into Your House

    For some cat lovers, one fuzzball isn’t enough. A second addition to your family can double the love and cuddles in your life. However, you also have to consider how other pets will react to a new feline in the home. Adopting a new kitten may sound like a great idea, but not to your resident cat!

    How You Can Limit Destruction from Your Stressed-Out Chewers

    Destructive chewing is an unfortunate side effect of dog anxiety. Leave the room for a brief moment, and your stressed pup might seize the opportunity to shred your throw pillows! This unwanted behavior isn’t just frustrating for pet parents. Your home is filled with choking hazards your dog can’t wait to put between their jaws.

    Is Pet Fostering Right for You?

    Animal lovers are constantly looking for ways to make the biggest impact. Donations of time and money are highly valued at rescue agencies and shelters. But for some people, their generosity extends far beyond chipping in a couple dollars. They believe the best way to help is by working one-on-one with animals through foster pet care.

    8 of the Best Cat Toys Available

    The market is filled with an overwhelming number of cat toys. It’s hard to tell which toys your cat is going to like—and which ones are safe.

    How to Introduce New Family Members—2 Legged and 4 Legged

    Every pet parent can recall the moment when they first locked eyes with their furry companion. You found them in the shelter and immediately knew the bond was there! However, while you two might get along great, you also have to consider if and how the new pet will mesh with others in the house.

    8 Tips for Introducing a Rescue Cat to Other Pets Safely

    It’s obvious you and your new rescue cat are a perfect match. But what about the other pets back at home?

    7 Tips for Caring for a Pet After Surgery

    If your fur baby had a successful surgery, the scary part is over, and it’s time for them to come home. Now that surgery is out of the way, you and your pet can begin the road to recovery. However, you can’t go right back to normal. Post-surgical home care requires a lot of time and commitment for pet parents. Rest assured, your furry companion will return to their normal self soon!

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