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    How to Introduce New Family Members—2 Legged and 4 Legged

    Every pet parent can recall the moment when they first locked eyes with their furry companion. You found them in the shelter and immediately knew the bond was there! However, while you two might get along great, you also have to consider if and how the new pet will mesh with others in the house.

    8 Tips for Introducing a Rescue Cat to Other Pets Safely

    It’s obvious you and your new rescue cat are a perfect match. But what about the other pets back at home?

    7 Tips for Caring for a Pet After Surgery

    If your fur baby had a successful surgery, the scary part is over, and it’s time for them to come home. Now that surgery is out of the way, you and your pet can begin the road to recovery. However, you can’t go right back to normal. Post-surgical home care requires a lot of time and commitment for pet parents. Rest assured, your furry companion will return to their normal self soon!

    Cat Litter Box Training 101

    Newly adopted cats tend to leave unwanted gifts around the house. You could set up plenty of litter boxes, and yet your fur baby might refuse to use them. Too many owners assume that since cats instinctually bury their business, they’ll know to take their potty breaks inside litter boxes. This simply isn’t true—untrained cats might need your help!

    Should You Adopt a Kitten or an Older Cat?

    You’ve thought long and hard about it, and now you’re ready to adopt a cat! The big question is whether you’re ready to raise a newborn kitten or settle in with an older feline.

    How to Introduce Your Children to Your New Dog

    Dogs can bring immeasurable joy into a child’s life. They help children develop social skills and responsibility and give them a lifelong companion—not to mention pups make wonderful cuddle buddies! However, kids must remember that earning a dog’s trust and affection takes time and patience. When they learn the right way to interact with a new dog, all their diligence and hard work will be worth it in the end.

    6 Ways Adopting a Pet Can Improve Your Life

    Almost everyone has thought about adopting a pet at some point in their life. If you’ve considering bringing home a furry friend, what’s holding you back? Perhaps you think they’re too expensive, or the constant shedding doesn’t sound all that appealing. Rest assured, there’s a pet for every budget, level of maintenance and lifestyle. No matter which animal you adopt, they all provide the same things—unconditional love and companionship.

    How to Care for a Recent Cat Rescue

    You’ve just signed the last bit of paperwork, and now it’s official—you’re the proud owner of a new rescue cat! But the work doesn’t stop there. Rescue pet parents have to make sure everything is in place before their kitty can step their paws over the threshold and into your home.

    Adopting a Cat? Get Prepared With These 8 Items

    With all the excitement that comes with adopting a cat, pet parents might easily forget to kitty-proof their living space first! Cats are pretty low-maintenance compared to dogs, but they still require a few basic necessities. Pet supplies like food, bedding, a cat carrier and supplements will set you up for success.

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